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Friday, August 7, 2015

Power outage

Up until the last two weeks or so we had been having an exceptionally dry summer, however that has changed! We had a couple of inches of rain at the end of July, and the last day has been cloudy with thunderstorms on and off and we have woken up to rain again this morning.

Won't have to water the grass or the flowers for a few days! But, it is supposed to be a nice weekend.

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The power went out yesterday evening for a couple of hours. We hadn't made dinner yet and of course we had no idea how long it was going to be out for, so we decided to improvise and used the BBQ as an oven. It worked great for doing both the fish and the potatoes. Ruth used a gas burner in the concession kitchen to cook the veggies.

Cooking the fish and potatoes.

So, we've been trying out our new electronics. It sure would be easier and better if we had an unlimited source of internet, but we don't, so we have to make do with what we've got. Ruth's new Asus Transformer laptop is really nice...

ASUS Transformer Book Touchscreen Notebook/Tablet 11.6-inch

Really impressed with the crisp clear picture on the screen, and especially for the $299 CAD price that we paid. Oh, and I ordered a neoprene protective sleeve cover for it for only $3.80, shipping included! 

It took a while to shut down all of the automatic crap that runs in the background for Windows 8.1. I had done each "app" manually, and then I found out that if you "right click" on your wifi connection you can set it as a metered connection and it won't use up as much data. (Thanks Renate!)

And with the little 7" tablet I think it's going to work fine as a travel device. A little bit of practice getting used to the Android operating system as it was my first time using it. But again, once I got things set up so that the apps aren't always updating (it uses a ton of internet data when updating these apps!) it's going to be fine for just going on the internet.

And, I ordered a nifty little protective case for that too, but this one is specifically made for this tablet so it can stand up on it's own, and protects it as well. For $15 I figured it was money well spent. $15 in Canada, but only $9.00 in the States!

Fintie Folio Case for Acer Iconia One 7 B1-730HD Tablet Premium Vegan Leather Slim Fit Stand Cover With Stylus Holder - Black

"Vegan" leather? Ha...that's a new one. Didn't we used to call it pleather? Or leatherette? Now it's vegan leather. Too funny.

Kevin,with Cassie the dog.

Things have been okay with our dog sitting. For the most part, she's a good girl but we are often reminded about why we don't have a dog anymore. They are a lot of responsibility, but they're also fun to have around. 


  1. Replies
    1. We always thought fake leather was called pleather!

  2. Did you know that true vegans won't wear leather shoes or carry a leather handbag?

  3. I have been a whole week without a stove (renovation) and one week to go. We even did corn on the cob on the BBQ this week. I hate microwaving things so BBQ it is but boy do I sure miss my stove. I don't really miss my dishwasher though. Living out of a minifridge sucks as we sold all our appliances a couple weeks ago. I don't know how RVers do it!

    1. I think you can cook most food on the BBQ but I was going to have a bit of a problem with the peas, they just would have fallen through the cracks. ;-)

      Luckily most RV refrigerators are bigger than a mini fridge. Kevin is always amazed at how much I can fit in our RV fridge.

  4. Most new class A RV's now come with a full size residential fridge. Now the RVers have to devise a method to keep everything in the fridge from moving around when they travel. I have had to go to always stocking the fridge with a full case of beer just for that reason. *smile*

    1. For us boondockers having a full size residential fridge would not be good. Kevin would love it if he could fit a full case of beer in the fridge though!


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