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Monday, June 1, 2015

One month down

...four to go. I notice that I posted the exact same phrase last year on this day!

Well, the first month went just "okay". We're ahead of the game because we didn't have the water leak problems to deal with that we did last year. But we're behind on the leaf cleanup because it's been so windy. Most areas are actually done, but there's still more to do whereas last year at this time we were finished.

And last year we had several good days of rain during the month of May. This year, we had a few overnight showers on May 2nd, and absolutely nothing until yesterday afternoon when we had a 15 minute thunderstorm. Not really enough to water things, but it kept the dust down for a little while!

A very localized thunderstorm passes over Lake Diefenbaker.

I've been cleaning up the area around the workshop. That had been the place where a lot of junk has collected over the years, and much of it was exactly that. It was starting to look like we didn't have much room up there, but if there wasn't so much junk it would be much nicer. So me and one of our summer students spent about four hours yesterday morning cleaning things up and throwing out what was junk. Anybody want to buy a big old PTO rototiller? Why we own one, I'm not sure, but we're going to sell it because we don't need it!

Our owls seem to have flown the coop...so no more owl pics. After the younger one took flight, the whole family seems to have disappeared. Strange.

But, we had a flock of these birds go through.

Anybody know what they are? We've never seen them here before. (Edit: One of our facebook fans tells us that these are cedar waxwings.)

Ruth has been keeping up with washroom duty, but it's not that busy yet. We did have four weekenders stop in with a bunch of kids, but other than that it's been pretty quiet. She's been getting the gardens and flower beds ready. We think the odds of frost now are pretty much nil, so she'll get some flowers planted this week.

Yesterday afternoon, one of the campers was fishing from shore. The fishing in Lake Diefenbaker isn't spectacular, but there are certainly fish in the lake...

Not bad...a twelve pound pike caught from the shoreline!

Thanks for supporting us through your Amazon.com purchases. We had a record month in May...$283 USD!! All of that money goes directly towards our travels so that we can show you the world through our eyes.

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  1. The size of that fish should bring more campers!

  2. That is a huge fish! We haven't had any rain in about a month here on Vancouver Island. They have gone to level 2 water restrictions for the Comox Valley. We are praying for some rain!

    1. Yep, it was a big fish and the very next day she caught another one that was slightly smaller at 10lb.

      We are still needing rain badly here, that 15 minutes of rain wasn't enough. We were forecast to have 3 days of rain this week and now they have updated the forecast and it has all disappeared! Now they say a slight chance on Friday, maybe!

  3. You are making progress and working your way to a goal, keep on plugging away!

    1. That's exactly what we are doing, plugging away at it. Each day a little more gets done.

  4. Nice park, we enjoyed our weekend there.

    1. We enjoyed your visit too and think that it's about time you two came back for another visit! ;-)


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