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Saturday, June 13, 2015

Can't win.

Yes, I know...we've been wanting rain. Haven't had any rain to speak of since May 2nd. Well, we  finally had a storm go through yesterday around dinner time. It gave us a solid half hour of fairly heavy rain so the ground got a much needed soaking.

But, along with the rain came very high winds!

As you can see from the following pictures, once again we have a lot of cleanup to do. We can't win. Just get the park almost cleaned up, and another windstorm comes along to make us do it all over again!

Yesterday, just after the storm. Never seen the water so choppy.

Lots of small branches on the ground.


Oh well. We need the exercise, right...?

And a few bigger branches too. 

There's actually one small tree that came down right between two of the RV's. Going to have to get the chain saw out for that one. And, two of the campers had left their awnings out and they paid the price.

Yesterday during the day, Alex and I started repairing our "fire engine"". It's just an old boat trailer with a water tank mounted on it and a gas powered water pump. But it didn't survive the winter very well, and I think someone must have ran into it (which makes no sense at all, but I can't think of anything else that would have caused this!) and when we got here this spring the tank was on the ground and the fittings were all broken. I had bought the parts the other day, but still need to buy new hoses.

And, we took apart the engine and cleaned it up. There had been a fuel leak when I looked at it last year so I think we got that fixed.

Meanwhile, Ruth had gone into town to a greenhouse and bought almost $200 worth of bedding plants as well as a few perennials so she's got her work cut out for her getting those planted.

A white pelican, all puffed out.

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  1. Well, as I said before.....good thing Alex is there to help with all those branches!

    By the way, GREAT shot of the lone picnic table in between all the trees!!!.

    1. Yep, and we have already put him to work, he has to earn his keep after all! ;-)

  2. Can't believe you actually clean up that little stuff. You guys are meticulous. Who has access to the equipment and could have run into it and made so much work for you??

    1. A lot of it is not small stuff, and needs to be picked up because the lawn mower wouldn't be able to manage it. Plus it is in the beach and day use area which we want looking nice of the campers and day visitors.

  3. We had the wind here too in Vancouver, must have been blowing across the country! Trees down, leaves everywhere. I've seen many an awning become a casualty to the wind, we got pictures! LOL One couple in Banff a few years back left their trailer for the day only to come home and the awning was almost on the ground. It was so bend and twisted there was no way it was going to survive so the guy ripped it off and left it at the campsite! How rude!

    1. oops that should say BENT and not BEND (it won't let me edit!)

    2. I guess we were lucky and didn't get any trees down but we know other areas nearby where they did and there was also a fire in a stack of hay bales caused by a lightening strike, again not too far away.

      This is why you should ALWAYS pull in your awning when leaving your motorhome, even for a few hours, you just never know when the wind will pick up, especially around here.

  4. Replies
    1. Sorry Paul, but we are missing what you are getting at on this one! ;-)

  5. Thanks goodness not one got hurt in the storm

    1. Nope, no one got hurt and other than the two awnings getting broken there was no other damage. Just lots of clean up to do.


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