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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Just a little more Yellowstone, and then hit the road.

We decided to go back into the park yesterday morning to see the upper and lower terraces of the Mammoth Hot Springs area. It was only a few miles, so not much of a detour. Plus, we didn't have to do much of a drive towards Saskatchewan if we didn't really want to.

So we spent a couple more hours at Yellowstone National Park.

First, we went back into the town of Gardiner and used the library internet.

Looking south towards Yellowstone National Park.

Sherman, overlooking the town of Gardiner, Montana.

The sports field at the Gardiner High School is overrun with elk!

Too funny. Kinda cute, but they must cause some problems.

After we were done with the internet, it was only a couple of miles to drive into the park. Wasn't long before we spotted some more wildlife...

Bighorn sheep.

The terraced area is a series of boardwalks that allow you to explore the crusty mineralized surface of the hot springs without risking yourself or the environment. Not sure how they used to explore before these were built, but apparently many people were injured while exploring...

The warning sign.

Having said that, we're not sure how the buffalo and elk stay away from the danger. Perhaps they don't!

The terraced hot springs. That big rock on the left is a dormant hot spring cone. Whatever that is!

Really neat stuff to see. Nature sure is amazing sometimes, isn't it?

Terraced hot spring pools.

Looking down towards the park community of Mammoth.

Almost looks like a different planet.

This pool was way up high.

Kevin on the boardwalk.

The springs are always moving, and over time will take over areas of vegetation.

Too many photos!

Like the interior of a cave, but outside!

Neat stuff.

Neat stuff, but that's enough. As it was, it was 1:00pm by the time we got going. Again, we didn't have to do a long drive, but the more we drove yesterday, the less we had to drive today and tomorrow. We start work on Friday, so we want to be back at our campground near Cabri, Saskatchewan tomorrow afternoon. That will give us all day Thursday to get settled there.

Highway 89 north of Gardiner is an absolutely beautiful highway. Gorgeous scenery, and just a really nice drive. Too many photos already, so here's a taste of it. You'll just have to drive it yourself someday!

Somewhere along highway 89 north of Gardiner, Montana.

We ended up doing 133 miles (213 kms). That means we have about 400 miles (640 kms) to go, so we'll split that between today and tomorrow.

Yesterday's drive, 133 miles (213 kms). I don't like the new google maps!

And in Canada has a professional food processor on sale today only, at a great price!


  1. More awesome pics, we hope to get that way someday too.

    1. You and Suzie definitely have to make your way over here and check it out.

  2. Jumpin'! That scenery is crazy. I would think the elk themselves wouldn't be as much as a problem as say, the little "gifts" they leave behind??

    1. Yes, the scenery is crazy and it is so varied in the different areas of the park, it is totally unbelievable.

      That is exactly what Kevin was getting at when he said they could be a problem. I guess we the kids need to us the field someone has to go out there on poop patrol!

  3. You were lucky to see so much wildlife. I didn't see as much last year and I even went out on a tour with a Forest Service Ranger. I'll have to go back in April some year and brave the weather.

    1. We did feel lucky but we were also taking our time and looking out for wildlife. Most people didn't even see the osprey because they were walking around with their heads down. Not sure but maybe it did help that it was early spring and not as many people around, either way we left the park feeling satisfied and happy.

  4. You're right around the corner from Cabri. Another 350 miles? Great scenery. I'm anxious to see how the park looks once you arrive. Be safe and most of all, have fun!

    1. Yep, not far now. In fact we will arrive there this afternoon. We are really eager to see how the park fared over the winter and how things are looking with an early spring there.

  5. Greetings! Fun shots of our town. Id love to use one of your photos for a project. Please email [email protected] Thanks!

    1. Thank Ashea, you have a lovely town. :-)

      I believe that Kevin has sent you an email regarding the use of one of our photots.


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