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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

A great day in Kodachrome Basin State Park

(Written Tuesday April 21st)

We thought we were meeting for a 9:00am group hike yesterday morning, and we were there on time. But I guess some people thought it was 10:00am, and so it was after 9:30am by the time everyone was ready. That's the problem with doing group activities! Anyway, we finally got out on the trails.

There are a lot of hiking trails here at Kodachrome Basin State Park, and not very many people.

Other than our group of nine, we only saw one other person on the trail. We did the main "Panorama Trail", which in itself is a 6 mile (9.7 km) loop hike, but there are several short sidetrips that you can do and we did them all.

Ruth and Bruce, leading the way. 

Lots of these interesting rock spires.

Kevin on the trail.

Very scenic!

I had brought the iPhone and I'm trying out the new MotionX GPS mapping app, and I really like it. It turns out that we did 8.2 miles (13 kms) in almost 4 hours. Pretty slow going when you're hiking as a group, and we stopped quite a bit along the way. It wasn't a strenuous hike, with only a few short uphill sections.

On the Panorama Trail.

My Aunt Melissa and her sister Jeanette.

More neat scenery.

Kevin and his Uncle Dave.

Our hiking group.

Kevin, and the Ballerina Spire.

Had an afternoon nap, and then had a nice hot shower using the campground facilities. Visited one last time with Uncle Dave and Aunt Melissa in the evening.

Today, we're heading further north. No idea where we'll be stopping for the night.

Stay tuned for another blog post later today, and then we'll be  all caught up!

Some of you were asking what camera I'm using. It's the Nikon P520. You can see it here...

Nikon Coolpix P520 on - USA

There is a newer model out now, the P530, however I see that it's actually missing some of the features that I like best in the P520. Given the choice, I would buy the older model.

Nikon Coolpix P520 on - Canada


  1. As long as starting out late didn't spoil the mood, which it looks like it didn't. This is while I have "issues" with going in groups. I'm not much of a one for being late, so I rarely tolerate it in others. But there could have been a miscommunication.

    1. No, it didn't spoil it a bit. We agree, we do tend to stay away from "group" things as well but sometimes they are fun to do, especially when you are with like minded people. The late start was a miscommunication, part of the group thought it was 9am start and part thought it was 10am so they split in the middle and we were ready to go by 9:30am.

  2. We have never been to that area. We love Utah. I just added your post to my Pinterest. We hope to get back there in Fall, 2016.

    1. Glad to hear that you have added this area to your list of places to visit. We are always doing that ourselves. I will have to remember to do this as well on Pinterest!

  3. Thanks for sharing your camera info. It looks like your hike was an enjoyable & very scenic one & all the more better with family! Enjoy your trip north. I look forward to seeing where you are headed as you are moving into my family territory. I have roots in Northern Utah, Idaho, and Montana. It's where my heart is for sure.

    1. Looks like we might be heading into some of that territory then! Hope we can rekindle some memories for you.

  4. Did you forget there were probably people much older than you on the hike!!!

    1. The hike was more of a social hike than one to get out there and get some exercise. Everyone on the hike are good hikers and age wasn't an issue.

  5. I purchased the GPS Motion X app after you wrote about it. I've only used it while walking on the Blue Ridge Parkwy in Roanoke, Va (do you remember driving thru this area?) it seems quite accurate. I watched a guys YouTube Video that he tracked his trip in Africa with it, really interesting that was possible, without a service or wi-fi!
    You sure have had good luck with great weather, your pictures are beautiful!

    1. Yes, we remember driving through that area, and again it is an area that we would love to spend some more time in, with beautiful scenery and gorgeous hiking.

      Glad that you like the app so far. We have been very happy with it, and yes it seems to be very accurate.

      We look forward to using this in other countries as well, and will hopefully get some great results with it too.


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