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Sunday, January 18, 2015

The highest waterfall in Mexico!

Yesterday, we drove from Creel to Basaseachi Falls National Park. It's not a long distance, only about 130 kms (81 miles) so we didn't leave until about 9:30am. But I knew that it was going to be a slow drive. The road used to be just a narrow dirt road through the mountains and it was only paved within the last 5 years.

Sure enough, it took us almost three hours to do 130 kms (81 miles)!

But, it was another beautiful drive. Sorry we need to cut back on the photos today, because our internet connection is poor. Actually surprising that we have a cell signal in the first place, considering where we are!

Narrow two lane highway between Creel and Basaseachi Falls.

Sherman, taking a five minute break to enjoy the view.

That's our road down there.

That was our road up there!

We only saw about a dozen other vehicles the entire drive! We pulled into Basaseachic Falls National park around 1:00pm. They have a tent camping area, but no RV hookups. There is a place with cabanas for rent, and they have space to allow RV's to park. The road in is fairly narrow and steep, although it's nicely paved. Couldn't recommend it much for RV's over 30', although towing a small trailer would probably be fine. It's called Rancho San Lorenzo and they charge 150 pesos ($12.75 CDN) per night.

The attraction here is the hiking and the waterfalls...two things we love! We used yesterday afternoon to walk up to the viewing area across from the falls. There are three different miradors (viewpoints) looking down to the floor of the canyon more than 325 meters (1,000 feet) below us, and across from the 245 meter (807 feet) high waterfall.

Ruth, at the first viewing area.

Our first look at the falls!

It doesn't look like much water, does it? But consider that they are the height of an 80 story building! It's actually quite a bit of water, but we're so far away from it. I've read that it is most spectacular when viewed from the bottom, looking up! We'll find out if that is true later today when we hike to the bottom.

Us, at the second viewpoint across from the falls.

Can you see the zig-zag path just to the right of the center of the picture? That's the one we take going down to the base of the falls today. Apparently it's an hour down, and two hours back up.

Sherman, parked for two nights at Rancho San Lorenzo, Basaseachi Falls National Park.


  1. Replies
    1. It sure is, and that's exactly what we like!

  2. Yikes. That's one helluva hike. Have "fun"!

  3. Spectacular scenery. I can't imagine what the hike down is going to be like - or how treacherous. Careful you two !

    1. The scenery is amazing here! The hike wan't s treacherous but is sure was steep and we had to do it all the way down one and a half times and all the way up one and a half times so we had a good work out.

  4. Wish you were not leaving Mexico . It is an amazing country and you have posted so many beautiful pics and much good info that i want to go there again

    1. No worries, we will be back another time, there is still so much that we want to see!

  5. Yup, that waterfall is a wee bit high. You sure find the most amazing sights, it's a gift, I know. ;c)

  6. Replies
    1. Yep it was a steep climb but well worth it!

  7. incredible views, awesome!


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