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Saturday, January 17, 2015

Six days to Quartzsite

Hard to believe that in six days we'll be in Quartzsite, Arizona. We're still 1,300 kms (800 miles) away! But, using our normal driving average of 200 kms per day, we'll be there no problem.

So yesterday, we drove from Areponapuchi back to Creel. Only 50 kms (30 miles) but it takes an hour because the road is pretty curvy. We decided to stop for the night back at the old KOA campground in Creel.

But first, we did a little hike around the town of Areponapuchi. The town sits only a short walk from the canyon rim, so of course we had to walk over for one last look at the canyon.

An expensive hotel overlooking the canyon. Can you see the homes below the cliffs? They have the same view as the expensive hotel.

Zoomed in on the Tarahumara Indian homes below the cliff. 

Quite a few of the Tarahumara live in town.

The local church.

This is the place where we parked with the motorhome.

The 300 meter road in is a little rough!

Roy and his wife Monica are locals who have operated this small hotel and hostel, Copper Canyon Trailhead Inn, for 10 years. Roy is also a bilingual licensed guide for the area. If you're looking for a real local Mexican experience, this is the place for you. Also, although there aren't many dining options in the area, you won't starve because you can have your meals with Roy and Monica and their children. 

You can contact Roy at 011-52-15-78-3007, or by email at [email protected]. Prices range from 200 pesos to 800 pesos per night. ($17 - $65) not including meals.

Where Sherman was parked up for two nights.

Two of the cottages.

The one cottage can sleep a whole family, or just a couple. Whatever you want.

Spotlessly clean facilities.

The other cottage.

The dorm common room. Notice that they also rent mountain bikes for those inclined to use the trails.

It's slow season just now so things are pretty quiet. But during the summer it can be difficult to get a room in this area.

We left at around noon. We had a plan, because we wanted to stop in Divisadero and have gorditas for lunch at the train station!


And then we drove back for a night at the campground in Creel. Filled up the fuel tank as we reached the outskirts of town. Ouch!

Between the (now high) price of fuel in Mexico, and the continually weakening Canadian dollar, it's getting quite costly to fill Sherman's tank. With a now full tank, we should have enough to get to the Arizona border and fill up with some cheap gas!

We put in 184 litres (48.6 gallons) at 13.57 pesos per litre. At current exchange rates, that works out to $1.15 Canadian per litre, or $3.70 USD per gallon.

Fuel is now cheaper in Canada than in Mexico, and much cheaper in the U.S.. When we first started coming to Mexico with the motorhome in 2007, fuel in Mexico was half the price it was in Canada. How things change!

Anyhow, life goes on. Today, we're driving 125 kms (78 miles) to Basaseachic Falls, the highest continually running waterfalls in Mexico!

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  1. Gorgeous header photo!
    Paul loves gorditas. He has them whenever we go to Mexico.
    Don't forget our Blogger Fest on Sat., Jan. 24.

    1. The gorditas that we have had were the best at Divisadero in Copper Canyon, they were totally delicious!

      We are hoping to be at Quartizite by Thursday so we should be there for the Blogger Fest on Saturday. We are looking forward to meeting you. :-)

  2. You will love the fuel prices in the USA for sure right now.
    Hope you enjoy the quirky vendors in Quartzite, I love looking for deals there. So much price comparison. We like to purchase a 2 week permit for $40.00 that includes access to dump stations , water and garbage disposal at the LTVA blm lands. Mind you there is lots of 14 day free camping as well. Travel safe.

    1. Yes, we are looking forward to the gas prices in the US, it used to be cheaper here in Mexico but not anymore.

      We are going to be staying at the free camping area but not sure that we will stay much more than a week but who knows?

  3. Kevin and Ruth, Thank you so much for letting me view Mexico and it is beautiful. I truly appreciate your pictures, your sense of humor and your camera! The gas prices here in Kansas City are about $1.69/gallon. We lived in Ahwatukee AZ for 10 years so Arizona is a very special place for me so will enjoy seeing your pictures! Again, Thank you!

    1. Thank you so much for those kind words, Kay!

      I hope that we do justice to Arizona for you then, Kay.

  4. Price of gas in Ottawa yesterday was 87.9 per litre.

  5. I love the beautiful pics you take. I have been traveling with you on this blog for a long time. I appreciate seeing all the places you have been to, but Mexico is my favorite. Have been to Mexico several times but have never seen the Copper canyon.

    1. Thank you Jan, for those lovely words of encouragement. We love Mexico too, and out of all the places that we have travel, I think it is still our favourite as well!

      We highly recommend that you take a trip to Copper Canyon, it is definitely worth it.

  6. Hope you can find a place to park Sherman when you get to Quartzsite... :cD

    1. I am pretty sure that will have no problems with finding a spot.


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