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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

The Great Sandhills of Saskatchewan

We had heard of this little known ecological area about 80 kms (50 miles) from the park and it was one of the local areas that we wanted to visit at some point before we left here. We haven't had much time to explore, so we purposely took a day off yesterday and went to see the Great Sandhills of Saskatchewan!

It was just over an hour's drive from Cabri Regional Park.

About 100 kms (60 miles) from our park.

The area itself is located about half way between Regina and Calgary.

Cattle relaxing by the road leading out of the park.

It's harvest season in Saskatchewan. During our drive, we saw a lot of combines working!

Typical Saskatchewan.

Hay bales for as far as the eye can see!

And tractors. You never know when you might need a tractor, right Pete??

We arrived at the Great Sandhills.

We figured that we would probably be the only ones there. After all, it was a weekday and this place is kind of in the middle of nowhere. But can you see that huge sand dune in the distance? There are people on top of it!

Some kind of a school group. Two of them are getting ready to roll down the hill!

An old rancher in the area started a boot arch. The story goes that he built the archway, and then whenever he wore out a pair of his boots, he would attach them to the arch. Other people have apparently added to it over time!

Old cowboy boots.

Ruth, out for a hike!

Kevin, on top of the dunes admiring the view.

This is the view he was looking at. Pretty bleak!

Lots of interesting tracks in the sand. 

Tiny little paw prints!

We have no idea what made these tracks!!

Interesting place. Not really that much to see, although we could have continued further on the dirt road. But, we had wandered around for an hour or so, and we wanted to try and make it back to Cabri to have a late lunch at the restaurant there before they close. They do gluten free stuff on Tuesdays. Plus, we had a package to pick up at the post office. We'll tell you about that in tomorrow's blog post!!

Driving along, we saw a huge black cloud of birds.

There was some water off to the right side of the highway. Thousands of them!

We made it back to Cabri, but unfortunately we were too late for lunch. We had brought some snacks with us, so we didn't starve! But we did manage to pick up our package at the post office!

Came across this great looking kids toy. If you need something inexpensive to keep the grandkids busy for hours on end, this looks like it'll do the job! They didn't have stuff like this when we were kids!


  1. Those linear tracks could have been made by a snake, the sand adder.

    1. I checked it out on Google and it is definitely not made by a snake, looks more like it was made by some type of beetle or bug.

  2. Some of those boots looked like they had a few more miles in them... ;c)

    Which tractor did you decide to take home with you? One can never have enough tractors!

    1. Yep, some of those boots were literally falling apart but part of that may be due to the weather.

      We have a tractor here at the park, we don't need another one, besides this guy might miss it!

  3. Can never ever have two many tractors.. Looking forward to your new Trip

    1. Have you managed to get rid of a few of yours Pete? :-)

  4. Like the boot arch idea. Amazing where you can find sand dunes.

    1. Yeah, we liked that idea too!

      You would never even know the sand dunes were there if you didn't do a little research into it. The area is really huge but it is off the beaten path so it's not a real touristy place. It was really interesting.

  5. Beautiful province, what we were able to see. I love the picture of the hay, I used to bail it. Sometimes the most simple can be the most complex. Desert or sand has always attracted me.

    1. That field of hay was HUGE! You an Juan would have liked the Great Sand Hills, guess you will just have to come back for another visit so that you can check them out.


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