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Friday, September 26, 2014

Nine flights for under $1,000

I mentioned yesterday that we booked our final flights for this year. It'll be our first time flying with Virgin America for our trip from Seattle to San Francisco on November 4th. Paid $84 each for that flight. Great deal.

So just for fun, I added up what our upcoming flights cost us. Turns out that we're going to be on nine different airplanes over the next two months or so!

So we leave from Calgary next Thursday. We fly from Calgary to Seattle (1) and then connect for our  Seattle to Seoul (2). The return trip is Seoul to Seattle (3). That trip cost $471 each.

Then we just booked our Seattle to San Francisco (4) flight at $84 each.

Our next flight is Oakland to Phoenix (5), and connect Phoenix to Mexico City (6). $161 each.

Up next is Mexico City to Puerto Escondido (7) and the return trip (8) for $129 each.

Then finally, Toluca to Puerto Vallarta (9) for $60 each.

Who says travel is expensive? Seven trips and nine flights for a total cost of $905 CAN ($832 USD).

I explained how we get these great deals here... How to Get the Best Airfare Deals

Speaking of deals, here's an Amazon deal of the day. This handy little Olympus pocket camera is a great deal only $69.99.


  1. Kevin that is amazing to travel all over the place like you are for $832 for the both of you. You are simply a wizard that's all! How did your son's travel turn out?

    1. Just to make sure you are clear on this, that is $832US each but that is still totally amazing considering everywhere that we are going.

      Alex is still on his trip, he is now visiting a friend in Paris. We haven't really talked to him, just been following along with his pictures on facebook. It looks like he is having the time of his life!


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