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Sunday, May 4, 2014

Getting the campground ready!

Leaves, and computers. That's pretty much how our day went yesterday. While I played computer technician for the day, Ruth did some leaves.

And yes, I did get into the computer system. I did a system restore to a date near the beginning of last season, and doing that reset the access password to whatever it was at that time. And I had found a piece of paper with a few passwords on it, and one of them worked!

Then, I cleaned out a bunch of old files and games and stuff that didn't need to be on there. And I was able to work on the campground reservation system to get it set up to my way of doing things. I had downloaded a trial copy to my own computer last month and played with it previously so I knew a little of how the system was going to work.

The person last year had never loaded a map of the campground on to the system. But I found a suitable map, and went through the steps.

Cabri Regional Park

It's a decent program, and it's going to be good to avoid any double bookings or lost reservations. There was a lot of that last year and it can't possibly happen if you use this system the way it's designed. 

We start taking reservations tomorrow morning, and it looks like we'll be ready, other than our debit and credit card terminal that won't show up until Tuesday or Wednesday. No problem, we'll just put the charges through when the terminal shows up.

So while I was doing all of this, Ruth was on leaf detail...



They dropped off a propane BBQ for us yesterday. They've been really good about supplying us with pretty much whatever we need for the house, and even asked Ruth for a list of anything we're missing. 

Things are coming together!


  1. Love it when a park has a good manager, keeping things in order i.e. no double booking, and keep the park clean. Can't wait for the season to begin so I can virtually tag along.

    1. You feel the same way as we do, so we are up for the test. We still need to get lots of work done outside before we ready for the season to begin in just under two weeks.

  2. That is great thats things are looking up, soon you will be right into it!

  3. Nice tonsee things coming together smoothly. You guys will be in business soon! Have a great summer!

    1. Yes, everything is coming together nicely. We will be ready so bring it on!

  4. I'm glad your figured out the computer password and got the system up and running. A little work now will certainly make your summer go easier. :c)

  5. Congrats on getting into the computer system. The place is already looking good with those leaves cleaned up!

    1. Thanks Randy but there are still a lot more leaves to pick up.

  6. sounds like it will be a fun summer for the two of you!! the campground is looking great!


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