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Saturday, May 10, 2014

An update on our "family" in Mexico

I've been meaning to post this for a while now. Our regular readers will remember a couple of months ago when we asked you to help a family in Mexico who we have become good friends with. We actually consider these people to be family in Mexico!

Here's the link where we asked for help...

And many of you did help. The family were able to pay off their debt, and with a little left over they covered some more medical expenses and doctor visits in May.

Little Gael is doing fine now, although they were a little worried in May when he had a problem with his throat. The communication and translation isn't easy, but from what we can figure out, he couldn't talk properly and the doctor in Puerto Escondido sent them back to a specialist in Oaxaca. It turned out his tonsils were swollen and they thought another operation may be necessary, but he was given a drug to reduce the swelling and now he seems fine. I'm actually still waiting for an update on that.

On April 11th, your donations also helped Gael celebrated his 2nd birthday...

Little Gael, dressed in red.

He would not have had a piñata without your help.

And the cake would not have been this big!

Father Alfredo, playing with his son Gael.

We feel really bad that we weren't able to visit them last winter, but hopefully things will come together for us this coming winter. We miss them! 

Not to be forgotten, here is older sister Nataly (5) on her way to school. Apparently Nataly is "muy inteligente" and is doing very well in school!


  1. Nice to see the difference you've made in this family's life. We've been supporting a sweet young Mexican girl through an agency for years and seeing her grow up has been very heart warming for us.

    1. We may have made a difference in their life but they have made a huge one in ours. They welcomed us into there lives even though we were strangers but it didn't take long before we were considered family. It is funny how a wrong turn became such a right turn.

      I am happy that you have been supporting someone in Mexico and have been able to see her grow through the years.

  2. This is one of those "good news" stories that warm the heart and remind us how generous and caring 99.9% of the people are on this planet. Keep us updated on your Mexican family.

    1. You are right I think the majority of people are caring people. We will definitely keep everyone updated on them.

  3. Lets not forget to help families in our own countries. I know many Latinos, Native Americans, and other families who need our help. I volunteer to Angel Tree to help children of incarcerated inmates, help the homeless, help womens shelters and other organizations. I also tutor underprivileged children in math, english, and science.

    1. I agree that everyone should help out in their own countries. We chose to help this family because we personally know them and they welcomed us into their homes and the homes of their families without wanting anything from us. We have visited them 4 times now and they are like part of our family and everyone should help their family when they need help.

      These organizations are very lucky to have you helping them and it must be such a feeling of pride for you knowing that you are helping these people.

  4. Thanks for the update, so nice to see they are doing so much better and actually enjoying themselves as a family. Cheers!

    1. We know they are so happy to know that Gael is doing so well and to know that they don't have that debt hanging over their heads causing them such worry.


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