Where are Kevin and Ruth now? Near Lauwersoog, Netherlands.

Where are Kevin and Ruth going next? Just wandering the Netherlands.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Had the highway to ourselves...

We were only planning a short driving day, maybe 175 kms (109 miles) or so from Graaff Reinet to Willowmore. But when we arrived at Willowmore, we didn't see much that was worth keeping us there!

So we carried on.

We left Graaff Reinet just before 10:00am. Have to say, that little town is worth a visit for a couple of days. Lots of hiking and a day at the National Park and another day just wandering around town. Pretty little spot.

Another nice day, but it clouded over later on.

Table Mountain, #2. If you ever seen Table Mountain in Cape Town, this was a duplicate. Even included the table cloth cloud cover coming over the edge!

We drove through the town of Aberdeen. Lots of guest houses there too, but we couldn't figure out why. We kept on driving.

After Aberdeen, there's not much to see.

We got to a dam, but the water was all gone!
We drove many miles without seeing another car.

And when we got to Willowdale, we figured we might as well keep on driving!

The next possibility was a town called De Rust. We saw a backpacker place there, and stopped to inquire, but they were full because a large group had just shown up. So the next possibility was Outdshoorn, which is where we were planning on going anyhow.

We had driven into Outdshoorn the day we went to ride the ostriches at Highgate Ostrich Show Farm. At the time, we had said we wanted to return here because it's close to the Cango Caves...and we love visiting caves!

We ended up doing 320 kms (198 miles).

Made our way into town and went straight to the tourist office. They gave us the names of several backpacker type places and we ended up at Oasis Shanti Backpacker Lodge with an ensuite double room for R320 ($33.60) per night. Good deal, and we're almost the only ones here.

Doing our computing on the porch at Oasis Shanti Backpackers. Picture taken a few minutes ago!


  1. Looks like you found a nice spot to relax, love the roads with no traffic.

    1. We have been doing some relaxing and in our spare time just a little bit of exploring.

  2. I haven't seen a road that empty in a long time. Probably only in movies or in pictures, like yours.

    1. Plenty of them roads in Australia and Canada....we camped by the wayside in some places, no other car turn up for the night..

    2. I hope we find a lot of those empty places in Canada this summer hoping to boondock as much as possible.

    3. Where you are right now Bob, we can understand but try going to the middle of Saskatchewan and you'll find some.

      David, we have done the same thing in Canada and Chris, you won't have a problem boondocking in Canada, at least in most places.

  3. You guys are so cute with your little glasses and laptops, almost looks as though you are working! LOL
    Nice having the road to yourself like that!

    1. We enjoyed having the road to ourselves but it won't last for long, we'll soon be back in Cape Town with lots of traffic.

  4. In your last photo showing you working at your computer, what is the white device sitting on top of the plastic box?

    1. My laptop is six years old. The network adapter that allows me to connect to wifi is shot. So that is an external network adapter, that also allows a greater range with which to connect to. We find it great for when we're in our RV in North America to connect to unsecured wifi connections.


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