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Saturday, January 18, 2014

Our First Airbnb Experience

So yesterday, we had to drive from the pretty beach community of Arniston to the mostly residential community of Reebok.

Oh, but before we get to that, we had to go visit a cave. A sea cave!

The cave was walking distance from our little flat in Arniston, but we didn't go there the day before because we couldn't. The Waenhuiskrans Cave is only accessible at low tide. So I checked the tide schedule, and low tide yesterday was at 10:00am. Perfect, because we had to be out of our flat at 10:00am.

So we walked down at shortly after 9:00am.

Around the corner from that big rock is the opening. But that's just a small cave. Then, there's a little opening where you have to bend over to get through. That leads you to this big cave!

Ruth, inside the big cave. 

Looking out the big cave at a couple of local fishermen. At high tide, the cave is pretty full of water.

We handed our keys in, and hopped in the car. We didn't have a really long drive, but we didn't know how many times we would stop along the way. So we were glad to get a reasonably early start. It was only 277 kms, and all on nicely paved roads.

Nice road, and hardly any traffic.

Lots of rolling farm fields.

We came to the town of Swellendam. It's a pretty spot with friendly people and lots of churches!

We paid the R5 (55 cents) price to go inside.

And then we carried on.

We crossed a ravine where we saw a sign advertising bungee jumping off the bridge. We pulled in. Not because we wanted to go bungee jumping again, but because we needed a break and it seemed like a good spot to stretch our legs. Turns out there are three bridges here. The new one that we crossed in the car, the old one that they used to bungee jump from, and the rail bridge pictured above.

They closed the bungee jump here about two years ago because the bridge was not structurally sound, even for people. They have re-opened about 200 kms east of here where they have the highest bungee jump in the world at 210 meters! No, we're not interested.

 Yesterday's drive, 277 kms (172 miles).

Now, I started off telling you about our first Airbnb experience. Most of you will have heard of Airbnb, a website where you can find inexpensive accommodation. Sometimes a full house or flat, sometimes just a room in a house or flat. Something like couchsurfing, but you have to pay. We had searched it before, but never found anything suitable. This time, they had a special (now expired)...book for two nights and get one of them free. New members only. So since it was our first booking I checked it out. Found a place in the community of Reebok just east of Mossell Bay. Got 4 nights for a total of $124 CAN.


The hosts are really nice people, and she was there to greet us. We've got a nice little self catering apartment until Tuesday!


  1. What no bungee jumpin?
    Better you than me.

  2. lots of churches. what is the main religion ?

    1. Christianity is the main religion here with Catholic beginning one of the highest.

  3. We're currently in Costa Rica staying at a place we got through AirBnB. I hope you write a review of your place... I'm not sure we'd have chosen this place if we'd seen some reviews....

    1. We will definitely be writing a review of this place. Kevin had done some research into AirBnB and one on the things he read was that if there is no review that you should be cautious, although that doesn't necessarily mean the place isn't good because they could just be starting out on the site.

      Sorry your place isn't as good as you had hoped. Hope that you are enjoying yourself in Costa Rica nonetheless.

  4. Ever the new program to try out, great deal you got!

    1. We had heard about it a lot but have never used it up until now. For our first time, it has been a good experience so far.

  5. I need to check into that program. Sounds good. Cave photos are fantastic. Thanks.

    1. Couchsurfing is still our number one site when looking for accommodation.

  6. What a great cave exploration! Now I would do that, but X me out on the bungee jumping or shark diving. Glad you guys do it and blog it for us to enjoy!

    Karen and Steve
    (Blog) RVing: The USA Is Our Big Backyard

    1. It was so neat to go from the small cave through the little opening and then see this big cavern, we loved it. Glad that we did the bungee jump but I don't think it is something that we would do again but the shark cage diving really was interesting and safe but the water was pretty chilly. Glad that we were able to do it for you. :-)


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