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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Holiday Resort in the U.K.

Here's a fun opportunity for summer holiday time in the U.K.

Butlin's Resorts operates three family holiday camps located on some of England's most beautiful beaches.

Billy Butlin opened his first holiday resort camp in 1936. His aim was to bring a little colour and happiness to the average British family. Billy's principles for the perfect holiday were pretty straightforward, and while a lot has changed since 1936, the mission of the resorts is still to delight all who attend!

Butlin's Splash Waterworld.

Any of the three resorts would be perfect for August holiday breaks in the UK, especially since August is usually the time for perfect English weather.

They have great meal options too. You can buy buffet style breakfast and dinner for an all included price of only £15.50 per person.

Butlin's also does special events such as circus and NBA basketball shows. There are also adult only music weekends in the fall.

All of these events are sure to make for great memories of butlins holiday resorts!

You could even visit any one of the three Butlin's resorts just for the day. This would give you the opportunity to see for yourself how much fun you and your family would have for a longer vacation. As a day visitor, you would be entitled to use any of the resorts activities and facilities except for the evening shows.

When you book for your full vacation, there will be a lot to keep you busy! The price of your break doesn't only include your accommodation and breakfast and dinner (if you add a dining plan), you’ll also have full access to use the lovely beachside resorts and all of the following: 

Indoor sub-tropical Splash Waterworld
Free rides on our traditional fairground
Unlimited rides for your tots on their own specially designed funfair
Sports coaching sessions (small extra charges apply for selected sessions such as archery and fencing)
Art and craft classes
West end quality shows every evening
Daytime shows and entertainment in our indoor Skyline pavilion

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  1. We love the UK and are looking forward to another trip there. On our last trip, Marti got to see the Queen from across the street near Buckingham Palace and even got a couple of pictures of her entering her car. Pretty cool.


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