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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Huatulco (day 2)

Wednesday February 11…10:00pm

We slept fine last night, until about 6:45am when we heard somebody try and open our side door.

Whiskey barked at the same time, and Ruth and I looked at each other and said “did somebody just try and open the door?” By the time I got up and had a look outside, there was nobody around. Didn’t make any sense because we were parked in the tourist police parking lot, which is right outisde the entrance to one of the bigger resorts here. Oh well…

We decided to move to the “trailer park” which is really just a parking area for bigger vehicles at the public beach parking lot. But the price is reasonable and we get to socialize with the other Rvers there. And, we’re told that the guy who collects the money won’t be around today, so we’ll get our tonight for free. First though, we needed to go into town and get some groceries, so we figured if we’re going to start up Sherman to move to the campsite, we might as well drive the 6 km’s or so into town.

The resort area of Huatulco is fairly new. In the 1990’s, the Mexican government tourism agency, Fonatur, decided that the beaches of Huatulco should be the next “Cancun”. They developed the infrastructure and quite a few resort hotels moved in, but it has never really taken off the way they thought it would. Still, it’s a nice area.

Glen came with us as she had some shopping to do, and we also dropped off Robert and Sandra, a Montreal couple who were having some car repairs done in town. The one thing about this area that Ruth and I both notice is that there seem to be a lot of places to ride our bikes.

We finally get parked up at the campground about 11:00am or so. The internet here comes from a neighbouring resort hotel, and the signal (once again) is intermittent. Welcome to Mexico! But otherwise it seems quite nice and we’ll probably spend a few days.

Went for a walk on the beach this afternoon and Whiskey became an instant celebrity. We suppose that because this is a developed beach and not an area where Mexicans would normally live, there are no stray dogs on the beach as there are in other areas we’ve been. So we walked through these resort areas with many tourists lounging in the sun and Whiskey was tagging along behind us. We had many comments such as “you have a dog following you” and when we explained she was ours a crowd would inevitably gather and people would hear our motorhoming story. We keep reminding ourselves that not so long ago we would have been one of those “week or two” vacationers wondering how anybody could drive to Mexico! At one point there were at least 10 people standing there talking to us. Too funny! And you could sure tell the dog lovers who had left there pet behind…Whiskey was getting lots of attention.

This is the beach that is a 5 minute walk from where we are parked up

Ruth and Whiskey

I went for a bike ride to check out some other parking possibilities but didn’t come up with anything better than where we are. Tomorrow Ruth and I will ride over to the next bay and see if there’s anything there worthwhile.

Total nights sleeping in a motorhome…476

February Fuel $ 91.00 CAN

February Grocery $131.87 CAN

February Overnight costs $ 20.00 CAN

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