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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Near Puerto Escondido (day 6)

Saturday February 28…10:30pm

We took Whiskey for a long walk along the river. We have found a very nice path that goes right to the ocean and there are no other dogs or traffic, so Whiskey likes it.

There is the occasional goat, horse, burro, or cow…but that makes it interesting. Whiskey doesn’t seem to care very much, but the goats especially are very wary of Whiskey. The locals in the village who happen to own one of these animals will bring them to the river and tie them to a tree for the day so they can eat nicer grass and be near the fresh water.

Again, we went into Puerto Escondido. Marie and Alfredo had to buy a lot of supplies for their wedding, and Ruth wanted to pick up a few fruits and veggies at the market. While they all went shopping, they dropped me off at an internet café. Almost two hours later, they picked me up! We still made a couple more stops and then headed back home. We are doing all this driving around in one of those little Chevrolet S-10 pickup trucks. It has the extended cab so there are two tiny seats meant for children in behind the main seats. Alfredo’s mother was with us, so there were five adults and baby Natalia. It’s a little crowded getting in and out!

When we got back to Sherman, there was a whole busload of people in the river and on the bank just beside us. Locals come from the inland villages to bathe in the river, and it’s particularly busy on the weekends. They are all very friendly and they usually have a lot of questions about the motorhome.

Ruth had made a pot of spaghetti sauce and invited some of our neighbours to join us. Alfredo took some to work with him, and Marie took a plate back to her house where she was busy making out invitations to their wedding, which is on Monday. I’m pretty sure that everyone being invited already knows about the wedding, the invites are just a formality. Alfredo’s 13 year old sister Olivia and 6 year old cousin Senaiee (not sure how to spell it, but that’s what it sounds like!) came over and had supper with us. Afterwards, we taught them how to play Yahtzee.

Olivia, Sinai and Ruth having supper with us in Sherman

This February has been our cheapest month ever living in the motorhome. We spent a total of $742 CAN ($593 US) for the month. We only spent $135 in fuel but we will make up for that in March because we still have to drive 2,200 kms (1,400 miles) to get back to the Texas border for the end of March.

Total nights sleeping in a motorhome…492

February Fuel $135.00 CAN

February Grocery $218.67 CAN

February Overnight costs $ 119.60 CAN

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