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Monday, February 2, 2009

Chiapa De Corzo

Monday February 2…10:30pm

We left the expensive Bonampak Campground at about 10:30am and went across the street to the big Chedraui grocery store. We did a bit of stocking up, and were ready to head out at around noon.

We’re still travelling with Bill and Bonnie from Michigan. They’re headed the same route we are, but they want to be in Puerto Vallarta by the middle of February to visit her sister there. So when we get to the Hogar Infantile orphanage in a couple of days, we will likely stay there for a few days, and they will carry on.

There are two routes heading west out of San Cristobal towards Tuxtla Guiterrez. One is the free road, and the other is a toll road that was completed about 5 years ago. The altitude at San Cristobal is about 7,000 feet, and the free road rises to 7,900 feet before descending to 2,000 feet over a distance of about 65 kms (40 miles). The toll road does the same thing, but with a lot less curves.

We decided on the free road. What a road! The scenery was amazing, with a new view around every corner. It was very slow going, because many of the curves have no guard rail, and the drop over the edge would be deadly. After reaching the crest just outside of San Cristobal, it was downhill all the way. I kept Sherman in second gear the whole time, and occasionally had to put it in first gear to save the brakes. There was one section where I didn’t touch the gas pedal for about 20 minutes….just rolling downhill the whole time. We did stop at one point just outside of Chiapa De Corzo in order to let the brakes cool down.

View on the free road from San Cristobal to Chiapas De Corzo

View on the free road from San Cristobal to Chiapas De Corzo

View on the free road from San Cristobal to Chiapas De Corzo

View on the free road from San Cristobal to Chiapas De Corzo

View on the free road from San Cristobal to Chiapas De Corzo

View on the free road from San Cristobal to Chiapas De Corzo

Sherman on the road

Another view from the free road

And yet another view, there were so many!

When we got to Chiapa De Corzo, we were looking for the boat launch area in order to take a tour into the Sumidero Canyon. The road into town led to the main square, which was very busy. We parked, and Bill and Bonnie drove on looking for the docks. They are driving a truck and camper, so they’re a little more versatile than we are for driving in tight spaces. After about 10 minutes, we get a knock on the window. This young guy is there with a piece of paper…it’s a note from Bonnie saying we should follow this guy on his bike to where they are. So we do…and he leads us down some narrow streets to the “embarcedero” parking area for the boat trip. It’s pretty tight to get into, but now that we’re here it’s not a bad spot. The owner says we are very welcome to stay the night. We’ll do the boat trip tomorrow morning.

Ruth and Bonnie at the "embarkedero"

The boat trip area

Our parking spot for the night

We walked the path along the riverbank into town. It’s an interesting place, and the people are very friendly. We had a hamburguesa for dinner…they are huge, like the ones we had on the Baja last year. For all 4 of us, it was 102 pesos ($9.28 CAN, $7.50 US).

A big tree in the square at Chiapa De Corzo

Big tree trunk!

Big hamburguesa!

Played euchre in the evening, and then did some reading.

Total nights sleeping in a motorhome…467

February Fuel $ 0 CAN

February Grocery $ 51.81 CAN

February Overnight costs $ 20.00 CAN

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