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Tuesday, May 18, 2021

More beautiful Lake Ohrid scenery

Perfect day to go out and do some more exploring yesterday, so we set off in the car at around 10:00am, heading north up the western shore of Lake Ohrid. We've been here since last Wednesday, and that was the first time we've used the car since we arrived!

We were headed up to the town of Lin, located on a peninsula that juts out into the lake at the North Macedonia border.

Cloudy with sunny breaks and a high around 21C (70F). Very pleasant.

The road on the west side of the lake has been recently renovated and they've included a cycling path that runs the entire 20 kms (13 miles). If we had our bikes with us we would have ridden them for sure!

We are headed up to that peninsula.

Lin Peninsula.

We parked at the town of Lin and walked through to the trail that follows the lakeshore. Lin is also known as Lin Gardens because many of the townspeople have garden plots along the lakeshore, separate from their homes.

Every house has grape vines growing.

This grapevine stretches right across the main road.

Pretty flowers.

The town church.

The church property was full of iris flowers.

Garden plots.

The lake water is so clear.

Ruth, navigating one of the more narrow sections of the trail.

Lake Ohrid.

Scenery along the way.

The trail was 5 kms (3 miles).

Eventually, the trail ends and you have to follow a little used road that curves around the other side of the peninsula. There are a couple of hotels and restaurants, and even one with an RV Park. There are also a couple of good free camping spots.

This dock needs some work.

That van has a nice spot.

Stealth camping.
This van had German plates, but we didn't stop to talk to the girl.

The big hotel had this concrete patio in the lake.

Pretty lakeside flowers.

We can't wait!

Beautiful RV sites... empty.

We didn't ask, but the last reference I can find online is that it's €15 ($22 CAD, $18 USD) per night including water and electric. Not bad.

We made our way up to the remains of a 6th century church. Nothing left of it, although in 1967 they did some excavations that revealed the foundation and almost perfect remains of some very intricate mosaic flooring. Unfortunately the property was locked and the floors are covered with sand to protect them from the elements.

I held the camera over the fence for this shot.

The property was up on a hill though, so gave some good views of the surrounding area.

Looking down on the garden plots.

The town of Lin.

Looking north into North Macedonia.

Ruth and the view.

The town of Lin.

Today is our last day in the area, and we are doing a road trip up to an odd geological formation. There's not a lot of info available online, so hopefully we can find it!

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  1. Oh I stayed in Ohrid in Macedonia in 1993, the lake was so very beautiful then too. So lovely to see these photos, thank you

    1. That isn't too far away from here. It looks like a pretty town, hopefully we will make it there one day when we are traveling around in our motorhome within the next few years. This definitely is a lovely area. :-)

  2. Replies
    1. Yep, Lin is a pretty little village. :-)

  3. Beautiful pictures! Love the garden plots along the lake…what a great idea! That floor mosaic would have been exciting to see. But understand it had to be protected until the renovations are done whenever that may be… we could be waiting a very long time ! lol.

    1. Thank you Lynnette, it isn't hard to take great pictures when you have such beautiful scenery. :-)

      It would have been amazing to have seen that mosaic floor but I guess it only gets revealed for special occasions. We don't believe there will be any renovations done to the foundation! They tired to make a high, steel protective cover over the floor so that it could remain uncovered but UNESCO made them take it down. So what you see is all that you will see, unless you are lucky enough to be there when they uncover the mosaic floor from time to time.


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