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Thursday, April 1, 2021

The Traveller’s 3-Step Guide To Keeping Busy On Any Adventure

So you’ve planned your next big trip. You’ve put together a jam-packed schedule filled with adventure and excitement, new sights to see and dazzling detours to explore, so staying busy should be easy, right? 

Unfortunately, it’s not that simple.

They say there’s never a dull moment, and though travel is an experience like no other, between those once-in-a-lifetime highlights you’ll remember for the rest of your life, you may occasionally find yourself faced with a little unexpected downtime on the road.

This is particularly true if you’re a long-term traveller making your way from one location to the next, looking to fill those quiet moments with light entertainment and keep your mind active. 

If that sounds familiar, check out this quick traveller’s guide to staying busy on the road. 

Tip #1 – Get a hobby

Is there a skill you’ve always wanted to pick up? A trick or talent you always wished you had? 

Surprisingly, travel can be the perfect opportunity to learn! 

If you’re looking for a portable hobby, find something handheld and easy to travel with – if you’re packing light, you might want to postpone your attempts to master the piano, for instance. 

But for the musical traveller, the ukulele is a lightweight addition to your kit and it doesn’t take long to learn at all! 

Alternatively, sketchbooks and puzzlers are easy to carry around, whilst embroidery is on the rise as a popular hobby (although be sure to check airline restrictions when taking your supplies on a plane). 

Tip #2 – Learn something new! 

Travel may be your true calling in life, but it’s not your only priority. 

And if you’re feeling torn between your career ambitions and your wanderlust, you may feel a sense of guilt on the road, as if the rest of your life is on hold. 

But if you want to continue your personal development whilst experiencing the world, ARU Distance Learning offer online courses which allow students to learn wherever they are with just a device and an internet connection.

Remote study like this is a great way to enhance your CV, improve your professional skills and keep yourself busy while you’re out in the world. 

Tip #3 – Making it work 

Lots of adventurers take on some kind of paid work whilst on their travels. 

As well as funding a nomadic lifestyle, it’s also an excellent opportunity to gain work experience and meet new people. 

If you’re staying in one place for a longer period of time, your new role could be as simple as tending the bar or waiting tables at a local establishment. 

Or if you want a career that fits your free-spirited tendency, freelance work is a fantastic and flexible opportunity, especially if you have creative skills such as art, photography or writing under your belt. 

Wherever (and whenever) your next adventure may be, we hope that our guide to to a lively travel adventure helps you make the most of your trip!