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Thursday, March 22, 2018

I think one of those hammocks has my name on it...

Ruth had a couple of haircuts scheduled for yesterday morning, so while she was doing that I went for a walk around the property here to take some photos for you all.

Tlaquepaque is a resort hotel property with bungalows and rooms for rent, as well as 70 RV spaces. In our opinion, it is one of the nicest RV properties in Mexico. And, it's fairly pricey, but sometimes you get what you pay for.

From the Church's Travelers Guide to Mexican Camping book...

This large modern campground in Lo de Marcos is proof positive that a well done campground in a decent location along Mexico's west coast will be a popular destination.

And it is popular.

Lots of green space to relax in. 

Sites are well spaced and everybody has a nice patio.

They have lots of organized activities. 
Pickle ball, Petanque, volleyball, pool room, card evenings.
There's a restaurant on site as well, and the couple of people I've talked to said it was very good.

 Lots of places to just hang out!

There are two beautiful pools, and lots of lounge chairs.

The property is located on the beach, but at this end of the beach it isn't great for swimming. However, you just have to walk 10 minutes to the other end of the bay where the waves are smaller.

Lots of bird life in the lagoon.

The beach.

Looking down at the far end of the beach.



Great place, but as I said it comes at a price. I didn't check, but I think it's $50 USD (928 pesos, $65 CAD) per night right now. Of course cheaper for a long term stay. One of the guys told me that it works out to about $1,000 CAD (14,500 pesos, $775 USD) per month plus electricity.

Pretty expensive, and we would never pay that in Mexico, so we're happy to be taking a four night vacation here as part of the Mexico RV Caravan.

After lunch, we rode our bikes over to La Parota RV Park at the other end of the beach. This is the place that we have stayed in the past. Still a nice park, but much more reasonable in cost although it is getting up there as well. That's the problem with the coastal areas... they are getting quite expensive, and that's not going to change any time soon. One of the many reasons we prefer inland Mexico.

Happy to see that Randy and Deborah were still at La Parota. They were part of the group in our February 2016 Mexico RV Caravan, so we stopped in and said hello for an hour. Great to see them enjoying Mexico for the winter. That's what happens with a lot of the people who take one of these caravan tours. They realize that it's not that difficult to travel Mexico in an RV, and they saw a place they wanted to return to.

Deborah, Randy, Ruth, and Kevin.

Some of our group have gone up to San Blas to do a tour today, and some are going into the nearby towns of La Penita and Rincon de Guayabitos. Ruth might go with the La Penita group, but I am just going to stay here and putter around on Sherman and relax. I think one of those hammocks has my name on it!

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  1. Sure beats crawling around under a motorhome.

  2. Nice place - has a little bit of everything - enjoy!

    1. It is a beautiful place and yes, we are enjoying it!

  3. Say "We play pétanque in Tlaquepaque" three times fast hehe!

  4. I like the little town center in LDM and the Mexican feel of it. There was a Saturday market with artisans and food that we enjoyed too. Pretty sure it was Saturday. Enjoy your time to relax.

    1. Yes, we do to but not sure how long it is going keep that Mexican feel to it!

      It is Saturday and because of it we are going to have to get a very early start to our morning in order to be able to get out of the park and the town, otherwise we will be stuck in here till mid afternoon.

  5. What a beautiful park, love that beach too.

    1. It is a beautiful park and we sure are enjoying our relax time! :-)

  6. You guys deserve some R&R! Take advantage.

    1. We sure do and Kevin was just saying that this is really our first time being able to totally sit back and relax since we crossed the border back in January.

  7. Replies
    1. No, either would we. But, based on the size of many of the rigs here, cost is not something they are worrying about.

  8. Beautiful looking pools: are they heated because not many are in MX

    1. I am not sure if they are "heated" but they were definitely a nice comfortable temperature.

  9. What a beautiful rv resort! Are the pools swim pools or just for wading? They must rely on the sun to warm up the water? At $50USD a night, this resort is waaay better than the rv parks in San Diego and southern CA where the rate is anywhere from $70 to over $100 a night and the facilities aren’t that posh as this one. We paid for US$70/ night at Moro Bay and it was a very small park with hardly any room in between rigs and since we are only 20ft. Long, we were lodged in the smallest spot next to the bathroom. This rv park would be heavenin comparison. You deserve every minute to relax! Enjoy the rest of your travels.

    1. It definitely is beautiful at this park/resort! There is wading pool and a swimming pool. Not sure if they rely on just the sun but the water was definitely a comfortable temperature. For Mexico, $50USD is expensive but it is also very well kept and the electric, water and sewer are all good here which is something that you can't always rely on at RV parks in Mexico.


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