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Thursday, April 13, 2017

Getting ready to go home...

Writing this Thursday evening because we will be up at 5:30am Friday to get on our 8:30am flight from Tangier to Barcelona. Then one night in Barcelona, and Saturday we fly back to Canada!

We had booked the overseas flight a long time ago...back in early September of last year! So I wasn't really paying attention at the time that April 15th was in the middle of Easter weekend. And that Easter holidays are a big deal in Spain.

So it became difficult to find reasonably priced accommodation in Barcelona for this one Friday night. In fact, even the most basic of hotel rooms was over €100 per night! I tried a bunch of couchsurfer requests, but they all came back negative, or they didn't respond at all.

AirBnb is also expensive for this weekend. The place we had when we arrived in January and had paid €20 per night was now €60 per night! And, it was already booked anyhow.

I did a lot of searching over the past two weeks and eventually a cancellation or something must have happened and we lucked out with a good looking room with good reviews for €42 ($66 CAD, $47 USD) for the one night.

The other option would have been simply staying in the airport. We don't mind that if it's only for a few hours overnight. But we were going to be there a full 24 hours. We don't mind roughing it, but that seemed like a total waste of a day. Anyhow, it's all set now and we're happy it worked out the way it did.

Thursday, I didn't feel very ambitious. Ruth wanted to take the local bus to another lighthouse viewpoint, but I just felt like going for a walk, and then having an afternoon nap. I was just due for a relax day, so that's all we did.

We went for a short 7 km (4.3 mile) walk along the waterfront here in Tangier. Nice and warm, but really hazy.

I bet you've never seen a truck load of anchors!
Would be interesting to know the story.

Looking back at the old medina walls.

Taken from the entrance to the ferry port. That's why the road is so wide.

A new mosque.

Coastal road.

And then back home for a nap! Even Ruth had a nap, which doesn't happen very often. That's good, because like I said we'll be up early Friday morning!

So... the next post will come to you from Barcelona, Spain! We're only there for one night, but we're looking forward to it!

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And in Canada...


  1. Soon you will be back here in Canada, hopefully the weather will be pretty good for you.

    1. Yep, we will be arriving back this evening. Looking forward to seeing all the family once again.

  2. You are right. Never saw a truck load of anchors! Safe travels.

  3. Travelling during religious holidays are something we tend to be ignorant of as well, especially as they don't have the same impact while being on the road. However, as you've noted it can cause havoc re hotel accommodation and/or other vital stops. Glad you found a suitable room. Enjoy Barcelona and safe travels!

    1. Yes, generally it isn't something we really think about and really the only issue is being able to get accommodation and at a reasonable price, otherwise it would be cool to be in a particular area to see how they celebrate.

      Unfortunately on this quick stop over we really don't have time to see more of Barcelona. Luckily we were able to spend 4 full days here at the beginning of January. Definitely a city we want to return to though.

  4. We have really enjoyed your travels! Safe journey back home!

    1. Thanks Doug and Nancy! Really looking forward to see our families, especially the grandchildren! :-)

  5. It has been an amazing few months. Have a safe travel day.

  6. "Dumber than a truckload of anchors." My new metaphor for really dumb.


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