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Friday, April 21, 2017

Too many rules!

We've just been spending time with our daughter's family these last few days. Grandson Cameron (6) is in grade one, so he's gone to school all day. So granddaughter Sadie gets a lot of our time.

She sure is a character!

She's always got something on the go...

Sadie with Husky the cat. 

Making chocolate chip cookies with Grandma. 

Sadie? Or Spiderman?

And, we went to watch her swimming lessons yesterday morning. She can actually swim on her own at this age, and doesn't want much help from the instructor! She tells the girl "no, I can do it on my own!". Too funny.

So we figured we'd take the camera and get some photos. But, as is typical in Canada, there are too many rules now. In fact, I couldn't believe the number of signs they had up in the pool and change room areas. The place is brand new, and so now, they have shared family type change rooms as well as both male and female separated ones. So we go into the family one with Lindsey and Sadie, just to be able to walk through to the swimming area and grab a bench to watch.

There are signs everywhere telling the rules. Of course in both English and French. One of them was 'No Cameras Allowed". But Lindsey went and asked if she could take a picture of her daughter...

Sadie in the pool.

We were in a brand new pool in Mexico last year. Only one sign, and that was to show the prices. Seems to work fine. 

Oh, and Ruth went and got her eyes checked. Here in Canada, eye care is only covered for children under 18, and seniors over 65. Everybody else is on their own. Because of that, an eye checkup and new prescription is expensive. I checked around, and prices ranged from $70 to $135 CAD ($50 to $100 USD) for the 15 minute procedure. This place does three appointments per hour, 10 hours a day, 7 days a week. They even have an online live scheduling system. Do the math. What a racket.

So, the best we could find was $70, and we went and got it done yesterday. We both need new glasses as well, but I think my old prescription (done in Mexico for about $20 USD) is still good for now. We'll order some glasses online when we get back to Saskatchewan.

So, we're busy with family and friends. In fact, we've got something planned every day for the next six days! And then we fly back to Saskatchewan.

Amazon even has "Deal of the Day" for rich people...

And in Canada, a nice little electric pressure washer...


  1. Replies
    1. Yep, it just seems to be part of life here!

  2. Sadie is very entertaining - so cute! You're right about too many rules. Much better in "the olden days!"

    1. She sure is, and definitely a cutie. She is always making us laugh! :-)

      Agreed, at least in the "olden days" you could think for yourself and take responsibility when you do something stupid but these days if you do something stupid, you just blame someone else or some company for you problem. :-(

  3. WalMart (their super stores) in the US has an optometrist in house, and here in South Carolina from WalMart, you can get a checkup and prescription for US$49. Since Kevin is the one who drives your vehicles the most, maybe he might change his mind later and pick up a new prescription in US on the way to Mexico.

    1. $49 USD is the equivalent of what Ruth paid up here in Canada. Same price as $70 CAD.

      My eyes are fine for driving Dee. And if I do decide that I need a new exam and prescription, I will get it done in Mexico next winter.

  4. Replies
    1. Definitely one of the many reasons why we love Mexico so much! :-)

  5. Hi,
    Our family gets our eyeglasses from : but the reality is that they charge you for every extra but it's still much more reasonable.
    Good luck,

    1. We are going to get our glasses online as well but we will be getting them from a Canadian company. Our last two prescriptions have also been from an online company and we have been happy with them so we will go that route again but this time it will be from a company that our daughter uses and loves.

  6. Hi Kevin and Ruth,

    In Mexico, I believe the national phrase is: Bienvenidos Amigos! That means "Welcome Friends."

    In the USA and I guess for Canada too, the national thing is to control everything with rules and regulations.



    1. Yep, we totally agree with you George! They call our countries "free" but sometimes we wonder about that!


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