Max, at his overnight spot near the town of Žiri, Slovenia..
Where are Kevin and Ruth now? Near Žiri, Slovenia.

Where are Kevin and Ruth going next? South towards Croatia.

Sunday, February 1, 2015

January Expenses

Well we're glad that month is over! The pocketbook (and the credit card) took a big hit. Definitely one of our more expensive months, but we got a lot of things done that simply needed to be done.

We spent $3,547.63. Yikes! (Note, all dollar amounts are listed in Canadian dollars which dropped like a rock throughout the month and just keeps getting worse).

Here's how it all broke down...

Gasoline: Yes, the price of gas has dropped drastically here in the U.S., and Canada as well. But not in Mexico, and that's where we had to do a lot of driving. We spent  $612.20 CDN on fuel in the month. And we drove 2,600 kms (1,612 miles) during the month.

Toll Roads: One small section of highway in Mexico cost us $20.92 CDN.

Propane: Not bad, at $32.80, however the tank needs filling again soon.

Groceries: Again, not bad at $375.25.

Alcohol: Good thing booze is cheap. We spent $145.59, but the cupboards are getting bare. Gonna have to stock up soon.

Miscellaneous: Well, this is where it hurts. To the tune of $1,261. My laptop needed replacing. Even with a deal, it came to $311. Other major items included Ruth's dental work at $252, Verizon mi-fi and internet data package at $192, bike repairs and Ruth's new used bike at $112. The Mr. Heater to keep us warm at $108, and a host of smaller items.

Entertainment: My mother had given us some Christmas money to spend, and that's what we used in this category to treat ourselves to most of the Copper Canyon experience. We spent $405 in this category, and we don't normally do that. Thanks Mom! I hope you enjoyed watching us spend it!

Motorhome: Sherman needed some work. We spent $546 in January, and there will be some expenses in February as well. The new awning fabric was $280, but that's still far cheaper than we would have paid in Canada, even with the terrible exchange rate. We'll be installing the fabric tomorrow. We also bought the propane line and adapter kit for $96, and some repair parts for the fridge for $57. And smaller stuff like an oil and filter change, and an exhaust fan motor for the stove. Oh, and the starter motor service near the beginning of the month at $65.

Overnight: We continue to do well in this category. Considering we spent the entire month living in the motorhome, we only spent a total of $149. We paid for 19 nights, at an average of $7.84 per night. The rest of the nights were free.

So that all adds up to an awfully lot of money for us. And February will be better, but there are still a few more extras to be added on. Good thing we go back to work in May!


  1. Momma said there would be 'months like this'! onward and upward!

    1. Yep, and hopefully this will be one of very few like this! :-)

  2. When you live in a house you will need repairs whether it has wheels or not, still pretty reasonable living. The improvements are nice too.

    1. You are right a house needs repairs and so does a motorhome and most of the time the motorhome repairs are much, much cheaper. Sherman hasn't cost of us very much in the last 3 years so most of these costs were necessary things and a few were things that we have been wanting to get. All in all we saved money on everything we bought it was just unfortunate that we got it all at the same time and that the exchange rate wasn't very favourable. Sherman is a happy camper now though!


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