Where are Kevin and Ruth now? Near Sogel, Germany.

Where are Kevin and Ruth going next? South towards Dulmen, Germany.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Getting stuff done

Yesterday, Ruth and Lindsey took the kids into Ottawa, picked up my mother, and went to the Children's Museum at the Canadian Museum of History.

This is the fancy museum on the Quebec side of the river. The one that used to be called The Museum of Man. But that wasn't politically correct, so quite a few years ago it became the Museum of Civilization. Then last year, they spend $25 million dollars re-branding themselves as the Canadian Museum of History.

Yep, $25 million dollars.

Even if all you are doing is visiting the children's museum, it's a bit pricey because you have to pay the full museum admission  They don't have a separate price. So after dropping $12.50 for parking, they paid the $49 or so for admission. Good thing baby Sadie was free!

Cameron, dressed up as an owl!

Exploring the bus.

Sadie fell asleep in her wrap. Doesn't look very comfortable, but Lindsey says she was happy!

Chef Cameron.

Apparently for a three year old, there's a lot to do. Ruth says he was running here, there, and everywhere, not knowing what to play with next.

So while they were off having fun, I stayed behind and thought I was going to get all of the licencing and stuff done with the car. But then I found out that my insurance wasn't valid until midnight so had to put off the e-test until this morning. I have the appointment for 10:30am. It rained pretty much all day.

With the rain and the spring run-off, the river across from the house is about the highest I've ever seen it. Apparently there was a time back in the 1970's when the river actually went over the road.

Ruth, looking at the swollen river. 

Mississippi River at Galetta, Ontario.

So today, it looks like they're taking the kids to the maple sugar bush. I'll do the running around with the car, and then I'm headed into the city myself to do some errands and go play some pool with our son when he's done work.


  1. Flowers are in bloom so it's a good sign that things are warming up. Pretty expensive museum. I hope we run across some freebies!

  2. I love the Museum of Civilization (now History) in Ottawa/Gatineau. It really is a Canadian masterpiece. We'll soon have the Canadian Museum of Human Rights Opening in Winnipeg. You'll have to come for a visit!


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