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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Yesterday - Hour by Hour...

What's a day like here at the campground? Well currently, we don't have many campers! It's pretty quiet Monday through Thursday. We'll get a few more campers through the weekend, but it really won't get busy again until later on in June.

But the day is still very's how our time was spent yesterday, just to give you an idea.

6:30am: Got up. 

7:00am: Having coffee and tea. Ruth is a tea drinker. It's a British thing, her parents were both born in England. We spent time on the computers. I write the blog post for the day, she responds to comments. We have some breakfast.

8:30am: Time to get outside and do some work. Within five minutes, I'm putting bug spray on. Ruth prefers to wear a hoody sweatshirt and work with the hood on! I get the push lawnmower full of gas and bring it down to the area I'm cutting this morning.

Ruth is working down at site 24, a tent camping site without electricity. It's right on the water, but the area between the water and the site is full of debris and dead and fallen wood. It's not one of our nicer sites, and we're trying to improve it.

I drive the truck down to where Ruth is working so she can load the debris into the truck.

Ruth has brought six truckloads of crap out of this little spot of forest!

Meanwhile, I cut grass for two hours. Using the push mower, it's hard work even though it's a 6 hp self propelled model. We have some short steep inclines here that aren't very easy to mow.

10:30am: Break time. We try and time our break for around 10:30. Usually we have another coffee and tea, but it's fairly warm out and we've been working hard so we're thirsty and we opt for a big glass of orange juice instead, with a piece of gingerbread loaf.

11:00am: We're back at work by now. We take the pickup to the dump, and get rid of another load. Ruth goes back to work at site 24, and I take the blades off of two of the lawn mowers in preparation for our trip to town.

Meanwhile, Ruth has noticed a small leak at one of the outdoor water taps. I have a quick look at it, and decide to replace one of the tridon clamps. I get the clamp on, but it still looks like it's leaking a bit. I figured I would let it dry and see if there's any improvement, but soon it's leaking even worse, in fact it was starting to look like a sprinkler watering the grass! So I take it apart even more, and it turns out the plastic pipe is split, so I found a replacement section and spliced it in. Fixed! Meanwhile, Ruth has gone in to prepare lunch.

12:30pm: Lunchtime! Soup and a grilled cheese sandwich with some sliced carrots. 

1:00pm: The pickup truck is full again so we take another load to the dump. We also carry on from the dump to go to one of the Board of Directors homes to pick up a receipt. I had bought some fairly expensive work gloves ($30, but on sale for $22), and they didn't even last a month. I'll try and return them and see what happens.

2:00pm: We were trying to leave around 2:00pm, but we're a little late. I spend some time with the boyfriend of the girl running the restaurant as we've hired  him to do some part time work. Some of his duties are to be the "go to" guy while Ruth and I happen to be off site. 

2:30pm: We're on the road to the city of Prince Albert. It's about a 45 minute drive.

Crossing the North Saskatchewan River into Prince Albert.

3:15pm: We arrive at the Sarcan depot where we return the weeks supply of recycleables. In Saskatchewan, virtually any drink container has a refundable deposit associated with it. Our take for the week? $34.20.

People bringing in their empties.

Kevin, being served on the far left.

Counting bottles.

4:00pm: We spend the next two hours running around. I buy new lawnmower blades at Sears for the two Craftsmen mowers. I got o Marks Work Wearhouse and they give me a brand new pair of gloves in exchange for the ones I bought a month ago that wore out too soon. We do some grocery shopping, and before we know it, it's 6:00pm.

6:00pm: We're back on the highway for the 45 minute drive to the campground. Ruth takes some photos along the way...

Back at our lake.

7:00pm: We're back at the cabin and Ruth makes some dinner. I cook up the burgers on the BBQ.

8:00pm: We head out to empty all of the garbage cans in the park. Stop in at the fish shack and get the bucket of guts. Off to the garbage bins and then back to the dump to empty the guts. By now, the sun is starting to get lower in the sky and it's another nice evening.

Striking evening sky.

9:00pm: We're back inside and we can finally relax. Think about watching a movie, but decide to spend our time on the internet.

10:00pm: I go outside to lock up the shower building. Everything is quiet. Back inside, spend some more time on the computer.

11:00pm: Bedtime.

And how was YOUR day?

Here's the link again to the Namibia contest. Thanks to our facebook fans for keeping us in the running. We've dropped back quite a bit, but we still need to keep the numbers coming in. It's not over until it's over...only 16 days to go!

Find the photo "Drab Landscape" and click on the far right star to award us with five points!


  1. Is that all you do? ;c)

    I'm just amazed at the end of the day you're still able to get up and walk to your bed!

    1. We never have a problem sleeping that's for sure.

  2. A pretty busy day to say the least. Glad we don't do that anymore. My restaurant kept me going from 6am until 9pm for 10 years, plum wore me out.

    1. It wears us out sometimes too but knowing that we can keep on traveling for the other 7 months of the year, make it worth it all!

  3. That's a loooong day! I'm going to have a beer to unwind.

  4. That is a full day indeed. However it sounds like you are way more that those who proceeded you. You two always give anything you do your all.

    1. I think we are doing more than the ones before us but we have nothing to compare it too!

    2. Oh but you do!! All the extra work you have done in organizing and cleaning out the storage area, all the repairs to the equipment that was never stored properly, the extra clean up of the underbrush, etc. Besides no one else has your energy levels!

  5. You certainly give it your all and I bet you're enjoying every moment of it.

  6. I got exhausted just reading that! You guys should work things out with The Boyfriend so that you get one whole day off a week to unwind and go into town.

    1. Unfortunately it is written in the contract that Kevin is supposed to be there 24/7. We do get away once a week in the afternoon to go to town and do our shopping. We are hoping to take out a canoe sometime in the next few days for an hour or so.

  7. Ruth's site is going to be the favorite of the tent campers, you know.

  8. Wow! Incredible work load!
    But; it will keep you in shape!
    No power walks needed now!

  9. So many familiar things it's not funny. Up until about 2:00 p.m., it sounded something like a day my old Man and I would have when I'd worked summertimes with him on the estate where he and Mom spent the remainder of their working years.
    Grass cutting, tree felling/trimming, trips to the "dump" (was on the property) Weeding, spraying for bugs. (Oh man, the mosquitoes!)
    Break time around 10, huge lunch at noon etc.
    Even the mention of a "Tridon" clamp.
    Betcha not too many people know what the heck that is. We used to have a Tridon factory here in Burlington on the North Service Road. They also made wiper blades. Weird pair of products, I know.
    One of my sisters worked there as a purchasing agent. Then they moved to Smyrna, Tennessee, in about 1977, but that's a whole other story.


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