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Saturday, March 23, 2013

The rigs keep coming!

Boy, it's getting busy here at Hacienda Contreras! Another six rigs showed up yesterday. I think I counted nineteen RV's here now! Barb says their record was twenty two at one time so it's getting close. We've never been here when it's been this busy though.

Fortunately, Sherman is parked at the end of a row of "back in" sites, and it seems most RV'ers don't want to back in. So we have no close neighbours, just the way we like it. And we still have a nice view out our front and side window. Nothing worse to us than opening your blind in the morning only to stare at another RV parked ten feet away!

Having said that, we are so happy to see all these RV'ers coming to Mexico! And especially for Barb and Sal here at Hacienda Contreras...a testament to the fact that they run a great RV Park. Interestingly, out of all those rigs, we think there are only two Americans. The rest are mostly Canadians. That's okay though. If all the Americans figured out how wonderful it is down here things would be too busy!

I got up on Sherman's roof yesterday to take a panorama picture of all the RV's.

Notice the blue sky...it was a sunny day yesterday!

At 9:30am, a group of us gathered at the La Cocinita restaurant in town for breakfast. They make a delicious breakfast there, with a special coffee that has cinnamon in it. We both had fresh orange juice though instead.

La Cocinita

Our group took up two tables.

I had huevos rancheros. Fried eggs on a tortilla with tortilla chips and beans and cheese and a glass of fresh squeezed orange juice and a cup of rice pudding for dessert. Cost was 55 pesos ($4.62), and we didn't need any lunch!

Tioga George had not yet seen the town of Valle de Juarez, so we offered to show him around.

Ruth and Tioga George in the plaza at Valle de Juarez.

We relaxed for the afternoon and played a couple of games of backgammon. Ruth went and visited with the animals here...there's another batch of kittens hanging around. They sure are a friendly bunch!

Ruth, the kittens, and Nico the dog watching all the fuss!

Don Quixote (Donkey Hotey) with his friend Fiona in the background. Just enjoying a nice afternoon doing what donkeys do.

There are too many people here for just one happy hour circle! One group gathered at Doug and Nancy's to say goodbye to Doug's sister Diane. They are leaving this morning for a few days in Guadalajara and then Diane is heading home back to Alberta. It was nice meeting you Diane!

Happy hour. Everyone looks happy!


  1. So that's where all the RV's are! We have had a few more drop in but nothing like that. Of course with Semana Santa here we are expecting hundreds of nationals. Also the surf is huge so we now have tons of surfers. Life is good.

    1. Yep, I think a few of the campers have come here from the coast to avoid the crowded beaches.

      Enjoy the the beach and all the activities there over Semana Santa, Contessa.

  2. Wow Kevin, all of a sudden it looks like a real RV park. That's what you get for letting everyone know how great it is.

    1. Yep, it great for Barb and Sal but to be honest we like it better when it is a little quieter. Still it is nice to meet looks of new people as well as seeing some of the returning ones too!

  3. The MSM in the US has shown that criminal violence in Mexico is beyond scary. And from the responses to those articles looks like the bait has been taken. Don't look for too many US travelers these days. Fear seems pretty high.

  4. I'm used to backing my MH. Seems like I always go one step forward and two steps back, so it's second nature. ;c)

    PS: MSM = Main Stream Media

  5. Not only do you get to meet Tioga George but you get to hang out together, too! What fun!
    BTW (by the way) your link to Doug and Nancy's website takes us to George's.
    Grace (in Tucson)

    1. Thank you Grace, Kevin has corrected that now.

  6. This is a great posting I have read it is very interesting to read thank you


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