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Sunday, April 12, 2009

Meriwether Lewis campground (day 2)

Sunday April 12…10:00pm

A relaxing day today.

Went for a walk with Whiskey this morning. Then Ruth and I went for a bike ride around the park, and to visit the monument marking Meriwether Lewis’ grave site.

Burial site and monument for Meriwether Lewis

Grinder's Stand where Meriwether Lewis was shot and died

We read our books for a while this afternoon, and then I tried to fix the rear brake on my bicycle while Ruth gave Whiskey a brush. My bike needs a new cable to fix the brake.

We are constantly entertained, and sometimes frustrated, by other RV’ers in the campgrounds. When we were parked at the entrance to the Jeff Busby campground, we watched a couple park in their small motorhome on a fairly slanted section of the parking lot, and they made no effort to make themselves level. How anybody could be comfortable like this, we have no idea. Not only that, but it’s not good for your RV refrigerator to be that slanted. Anyway, they were still parked like that in the morning when we left there. Today, that same couple arrived at this campground. There were still quite a few empty sites when they got here, and we watched in amazement as they tried to park in one of the least level sites available. Not only did they choose one of the worst sites, but the guy had no clue as to how to back up! But, they eventually got themselves lined up in the site, even though the front end was very high compared to the back.

A few hours later, we noticed that his engine was running and his headlights were on. We noticed this because his headlights were aimed right at us! This lasted for about a half an hour. Then, the guy in the site next to them went and spoke to them and they ended up pulling out of the site, and starting their generator while on the camp road. Then, they drove into the site so that the front end was now lower than the back end. We have no idea why they did any of this. They then shut everything off. A half an hour later, they fired up the engine again, and moved to another site! I don’t get it…

Another couple showed up at the site nearest to us. The very first thing they did was to start up their little Honda generator and raise their TV antenna. We don’t understand this constant need for generator useage. This campground has no services, so the people who stop here tend to use their generators quite a bit. What we can’t figure out is, why…? Can they not go a night or two without the TV or the microwave? If not, they should shelve the generator completely and head to the nearest full serve campground, of which there are many. We find generators annoying and a nuisance, and can’t figure out why so many people don’t mind listening to their noise in such a peaceful environment.

We went for another long walk along some of the trails in the park, including a short section of the original Natchez Trace trail. It’s a really pretty area, with little streams and rock walls and forest flowers starting to bloom.

A stream and rock bank at one of the picnic areas at the Meriwether Lewis Site

It was a nice day, but it actually started to rain after supper, and continued for almost two hours. This was the first real rain we have seen in two and a half months.

Tomorrow, we get to Nashville for a couple of days.

Total nights sleeping in a motorhome…532

April Fuel $340.00 CAN

April Grocery $223.14 CAN

April Overnight costs $ 46.50 CAN

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