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Friday, April 10, 2009

Jeff Busby Campground

Friday April 10…11:00pm

For some reason, it never got cold last night. I figured it would get chilly again, but I woke up in the middle of the night with too many covers on and checked the temperature and it was 23C (73F)!

We got another early start and made it to Jackson, Mississippi (pop 178,000) around 9:30am. Stopped and filled up with gas at $1.789 per gallon ($0.60 CAN per litre). Stopped at the Walmart for groceries and internet, and decided there wasn’t anything worth seeing in Jackson.

So we continued on to the Jeff Busby campground. This is another free campground with no services, run by the National Parks Service. There are only 18 official sites, and they were all full. We decided to just park outside the entrance, and to be honest we thought it might be quieter there anyhow, because we were worried about generator noise again.

We got set up, and then took Whiskey for a walk through the campground and onto a trail leading to an overlook. On our way through the campground, we were stopped by another couple from Ontario, and we spoke to them at length about the number of Quebecers here. Jerry and Kay have been coming here for 4 or 5 years now, and apparently the Quebecers don’t have a good reputation for being overly friendly. We didn’t see any indication this time around, but apparently sometimes they don’t follow the rules very well when it comes to generators or sharing the campground when it’s full. Time and again, we hear about this as being a problem. They invite us over for a campfire after supper to discuss things further.

By suppertime, there are 3 other rigs parked near the entrance like us, and a few more at the overflow in the picnic area. We’ve also seen a few more rigs turn in here, and then drive away after seeing it’s too full. We actually feel pretty comfortable here…it’s just a parking area like a Walmart, but much more scenic and quiet. In fact, only one of the rigs near us used their generator this evening, and it was only for about 15 minutes.

We went to Jerry and Kays campfire, and Al and Joyce were there as well…a couple from Alberta who we had met at one of the rest stops near the beginning of the parkway. We end up retiring to their RV where we talked about the merits of RVing full time and doing some of it in Mexico.

It was another nice day, although a little more cloudy but still very comfortable at around 22C (71F).

Total nights sleeping in a motorhome…530

April Fuel $340.00 CAN

April Grocery $223.14 CAN

April Overnight costs $ 46.50 CAN

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