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Where are Kevin and Ruth now? Ottawa, Canada.

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Saturday, May 31, 2008

Fundy National Park

Saturday May 31…11:00pm

And we did get an early start this morning…we filled up the gas tank at around 7:15am, and there was no lineup at all to get into Canada. But then who would want to go INTO Canada, when the prices are so much cheaper in America?
And yes, at 7:15am, there was a lineup in the other direction. Gas was $4.15 a gallon, or $1.09 per litre on the US side of the bridge. It was $1.33 a litre as soon as we crossed into Canada.

We stopped for breakfast at a cemetery. Typically, a cemetery is a nice quiet spot to stop for an hour or so. But shortly after we showed up, a car pulled in and an old guy got out and went and wandered around the headstones. Then another…and another. And of course they all stared at us strangely as if they’d never seen a motorhome before. This was at about 9:30am, and we finally figured out there must be a burial happening at 10am. We finished up quckly and got back on the road!

We made it to Fundy National Park by lunchtime. We didn’t have to pay the entry fee because our friends Glen and Steve had given us their Canadian Parks annual pass, which doesn’t expire until July. There’s not many people around because it’s a cloudy rainy day, but that doesn’t stop us from going for a little hike to Dickson Falls. It’s just a short walk though, and we had lunch at the trailhead parking lot. Afterwards, we parked a little closer to the Bay of Fundy, and the town of Alma and walked down to where the tide was all the way out. Amazing how the water level moves almost 20 feet every 7 hours or so!

Dickson Falls

Hiking in the rain makes for a wet dog!

Us on our hike to Dickson Falls

The Bay of Fundy at low tide

The town of Alma

Docked at low tide. I'll try and get one of high tide...

We were planning on overnighting at the park…but they want $32.30 for an electric/water site, or $25.50 for an unserviced site. I can see them asking top dollar during July and August, but at this time of year, that’s ridiculous. And if we didn’t have the annual pass, it would add $7.80 per adult for the day pass as well. That would be $47.90 for one night!!! Typical government operation with no common sense at all. The campground likely only has 10 or 12 people in it at this time of year. You’d think they’d want to attract more people by offering off season rates during the slow times. We’re not paying $25.50 for a spot that we can get for free!

So we walked into the town of Alma looking for somewhere to park for the night. We found an acceptable spot in the parking lot of the now unused outdoor skating rink. Across from there was the Alma Lobster Shop. We went inside to look at the lobsters. They had one that was 12 pounds…they figure’d him to be about 22 years old, and now he’s going to become someone’s dinner…at $7.50 a pound. The lady working there was really nice, and she said she lives in this town so I asked her if she thought anybody would bother us if we parked at the ice rink…she said that would probably be fine, and then said that we’d be welcome to park in their parking lot because it would be nicer and has a view of the Bay. So long as we show up afetr 6pm, and leave before 10am…and that suits us fine.

So that’s where we’re parked up…it’s raining hard just now…hopefully it clears up by morning. It sure doesn’t feel like June 1st….where’s that global warming??!!

Total Nights Sleeping in the RV…223

May Fuel $ 560.08 ($464.51 in Sherman and $95.57 in our little car which we use while at Ruth’s parents)

May Grocery $ 313.90

May Overnight Costs $ 10

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