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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Plattsburgh, New York

Tuesday May 27…10:00pm

It was a windy night last night. And with a forecast high of only 15C (59F), it sure doesn’t feel like the end of May! Where’s this global warming…?

We let the traffic subside and then we made our way over the Cornwall/Massena bridge around 9am. It’s a toll bridge, and the normal fee for a two axle vehicle is $3.25 so I hand over our money, and the attendant informs me that it’s $8.75 for motorhomes. I ask why, and he says it’s because we’re carrying our kitchen sink with us. Obviously the attendant doesn’t know, and certainly doesn’t care why we have to pay that much, but we do. The toll bridge further down the river at Gananoque charges the same for us as they do for cars. Oh well.

We had a leisurely drive through northern New York State and then a little south to Plattsburgh, a small city of about 20,000. We arrived here shortly after 12 noon, and pulled into the Walmart to do some grocery shopping. While there, I got on the internet and sent an email to the baseball coach at Plattsburgh University where Alex is looking at going to school in the fall. Because we were dropping off some paperwork to the admissions office, we thought we’d introduce ourselves to the baseball coach at the same time. The coach replied right away saying he had time to see us immediately if we could make our way to the baseball office which was only 5 minutes from the Walmart, so we headed that way.

They have a beautiful baseball facility at this school. The assistant coach took us out in his car and showed us to the diamond, and then escorted us to the administration buidling where we met with the International Students people who will be handling Alex’s file. Everybody is so helpful, it makes it really easy to deal with all the paperwork involved.

While we were at the ball diamond, we noticed that the parking lot looked like it would be really convenient for motorhome parking…so we asked the assistant coach if he thought anyone would mind.…and so this is where we are parked for the night! Nice and quiet, and nobody will bother us here. Hmmm…it’s starting to look like we may not have any overnight costs for May!

Total Nights Sleeping in the RV…219

May Fuel $ 275.57 ($150 in Sherman and $95.57 in our little car which we use while at Ruth’s parents)

May Grocery $ 302.74

May Overnight Costs $ 0

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