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Friday, November 17, 2023

Views over Osh, Kyrgyzstan

There is a small mountain right in the middle of the city of Osh. Of course there are trails all over it, but there is also a museum... built into a cave right on the side of the mountain. It's very strange, so of course we had to hike up there.

But first, we needed flight tickets! We wanted to fly to Bishkek on Sunday. There is no train from here, and it's a 12-14 hour drive through the mountains. So for a cheap 45 minute flight, it makes sense. 

But I couldn't get the online system to accept either of my credit cards. 

Here in the "stan countries" credit cards aren't that popular and there are still a lot of travel agents where people book flights and pay cash. So we walked over to one of those guys and booked it that way. Unfortunately, the flight I had originally wanted was sold out and we had to take a flight that arrives at 8:45pm. Not ideal, as we always want to arrive somewhere in daylight, but it doesn't always work that way.

But the price was right, at 3,950 KGS ($61 CAD, $44 USD) per person.

With that done, we set off towards the mountain.

We are heading up there.

The museum is built into a cave in the side of the mountain.

Starting to get a view.

It cost about $2 USD each to get into the museum and take the tourist path to the viewpoint.

Ruth inside the museum.

Some of the displays were a little lame.

A book.

There is even a sign telling you what it is!

Bride headdress from the 18th century.

Yes, sure... this will get rid of your depression!

Eagle statue.

There is a constant haze hanging over the city.

Ruth and I took off on a path away from the main one.

Oh, that looks interesting!

Very cool!


Ruth, climbing up after me.

The city of Osh.

Where we sat and had lunch.

Some nice views from up here!

Back down on the main path.

At the main overlook.

There were actually quite a few people because you can access the viewpoint from stairs on the other side.

Back at the bottom, looking up at where we had been.

A three story yurt!

Still lots of flowers out in mid-November!

Back at the hostel for a rest, and then out for dinner...

I had the chicken, broccoli, and rice.

Ruth had the beef medallions and veggies.

Total including 12% service charge and a pot of non alcoholic mulled wine for the two of us was 983 KGS ($15.15 CAD, $11 USD).

Today, we are taking the local transportation south of the city to try and find some fresh air and hiking.

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  1. What is the cause of the haze? I'm guessing smog?

    1. We are pretty sure it was smog as well and we think that it was probably from all the wood/charcoal fires, either for cooking or for heat and then add in exhaust from the many vehicles on the road.


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