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Monday, July 23, 2018

A dead end with a beautiful view...

We slept in Sunday morning... didn't  get up until almost 8am. And by the time we had some breakfast and got ourselves ready to go around 10am, the campground had pretty much emptied right out!

Still, we wandered down to the waterfront before we left to see if there was any wildlife about.

A very calm morning...

This would have been a nice campsite on Yarger Lake, Alaska.

Life jacket loaner station for kids!
Great idea!

We headed south on the Alaska Highway towards the Canadian border. Stopped at a little pond that had a short trail around it with some interpretive signs.

Seaton Roadhouse Interpretive Site and Trails.
Ruth has the bear spray in her back pocket!

Sherman looks much better after his bath yesterday!

Next stop was the Tetlin National Wildlife Refuge Visitors Center. Nice stop, and even had free guest wifi out in the middle of nowhere!

Ruth, enjoying the view.


From there, we continued south to the border. We passed by the new and fancy U.S. border control station on the opposite side of the highway. But on our (the Canadian) side of the highway, there was nothing but a sign...

Back in the Yukon!

It turns out that the Canadian border control station is another 20 kms south of the border. Very strange. And it just looks like a log cabin compared to the fancy U.S. one. That's often the way. But, we had the friendliest border guard ever! Nice guy, smiling and asking about our trip. Sure, he interspersed the banter with questions about alcohol and firearms and that kind of thing. But he was proof that these guys can do their jobs and be friendly at the same time. Sure makes you wonder why so many of them are so sour.

Back in the Yukon.

We stopped at the town of Beaver Creek to use the fre wifi from the Yukon Government Visitors Center located there. Other than that, there isn't much to see or do in Beaver Creek, Canada's most western community.

We did go across the street to an RV Park and little store where we picked up a dozen eggs and two potatoes. As soon as we were told the $10.20 price, we put them back! The eggs were $6.99 a dozen and the potatoes were $1.60 each! No thanks!

We are getting close to the mountains again.

Scenery along the way.

There are stretches of bad roads on both sides of the border.

We were actually headed to the Snag Lake Yukon Government campground, but a few miles before that I saw this path heading down to a lake. I reversed back to it, and turned towards the lake.You never know what you're going to find, but in a worse case scenario, we'll simply just back up!

Heading down to check it out.

And this is where it ended. Just a dead end, with a beautiful view.

Yep, this will do for a night!

I stood on Sherman's roof to get this shot.

If you ever wanted to try an Instant Pot, now is your chance. Record low price...

And in Canada, a great deal on a memory foam mattress topper...


  1. Other than the Dawson City crowd, the Canadian side is much quieter highways than Alaska. It always seemed we had huge crowds everywhere...cars, trucks, RVs on road along with motor bikes and the restaurants, view points, hiking trails also had crowds. As much as I had cruise ships clogging the water ways, I'd like to visit Sitka and some of the islands north west of Anchorage. I love the photo you take to show us what the country looks like and the wild life. BTW my nephew who lives in Tucson found a rattle snake in his house (laundry room next to carport). We had put down sticky trap for mice and found the rattle snake stuck on the sticky tape. Gave me the creeps. Safe travels.

    1. We have totally agree with you on the Canadian side being less busy. All we hear about in Alaska, is how busy places are with tourists. We are loving our visit to the Yukon, and really enjoying the mountain scenery here. Maybe one day we will go to Alaska and really visit it properly but for now we are just happy to spend our time here in the Yukon exploring some of the off the beaten path type of places. :-)

  2. When we drove the Highway (?) in 2013, we thought the stretch you are on was the worst road of our whole trip.

    1. Worst road as in pavement surface you mean?

    2. Roughest, had to go slower than any where in Alaska.

    3. A few people have mentioned that this section of the Alaska Highway is bad but honestly we haven't found it that much worse than other sections. We take it slow on any of the roads up north, there are frost heaves and potholes all over.

  3. You sure have a knack for finding beautiful boondocking spots! Great pictures as usual.

    1. It's not hard to do when you are up here in the north. There are beautiful boondocking places all over the place. :-)

  4. Glad your back in Canada. Nice photos. Enjoy and satay safe.


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