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Saturday, January 28, 2017

Our second Spanish campground

It had rained a lot Thursday night, and it was supposed to continue on and off for most of the day Friday. We were due for laundry and showers, and our battery was getting low as well. So I did some online research and found a campground in a forest near the town of Vejer de la Frontera.

Many of the campgrounds along the coast are quite expensive, and you're packed in like sardines. Not our style, and we won't spend more than €20 ($29 CAD, $22 USD) per night including electricity.

So we said goodbye to our friends Glen and Steve and we'll meet up with them again tomorrow or Monday. They wanted to check out some free or cheap overnight parking along the coast.

First thing on the agenda was to get some cheap fuel. Many people drive across the border to Gibraltar to fill up with fuel that is about 20% cheaper than in Spain. So we drove over there, but it was the busiest we have seen it! I hate waiting in line, and neither one of us felt like doing it when we saw all the vehicles in the queue.

Then, we stopped at a huge Carrefour store and did some more groceries.

From there, we drove through the busy port city of Algeciras and along a bit of the coast before heading inland to the campground.

Yesterday's drive, 87 kms (54 miles).

We are at the most southern area of Spain, heading west towards Portugal.

Pretty area, but extremely windy.

In fact, they've built a lot of wind power generators at the coast here. There are also a few campgrounds, and some free camping areas, but if it's windy like that all the time then it's not for us.

Scenery along the way.

More scenery.

Nice highway, for the most part.

Nice looking farm.

We arrived at Camping Vejer, and as we pulled off the highway it began pouring with rain. There was a parking area in front of a closed up restaurant, so we parked there and had lunch until the rain stopped. It cleared up quickly after that downpour and we drove into the entrance to the campground.

Went to the office, but nobody was there. A fellow came running up and let us know that his boss wasn't around, but that we could walk around and choose a site. Ruth stayed with Louis, and I went for a walk.

Nice rural campground, with large sites and lots of trees. Many of the sites seemed to be taken up with seasonal campers, but it's off season now and most of the occupied sites seemed like they were closed up for the season.

I picked out a nice site, and went back to get Ruth and  Louis. The guy said the price was €18 ($26 CAD, $20 USD) per night, so we were happy with that. In fact, I think we've already decided to stay two nights.

Louis, parked up at Camping Vejer.

Some of the seasonal sites.

We finally got a chance to use the BBQ. When we arrived at Louis, we were pleased to see that he comes with a Weber grill, the same as the one we use with Sherman. We had treated ourselves to a couple of steaks on sale at the Carrefour, so this seemed like a perfect opportunity to cook 'em up!

Cooking up the steaks.

Dinner is served!

Nice peaceful sleep, until the roosters started. That's the thing about rural areas, there are probably going to be chickens around. Kind of reminded us of Mexico!

The sun is shining, and it looks like a beautiful day here. Hope you enjoy your Saturday!

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  1. Great is the price of meat?

    1. Pork is pretty cheap and chicken is about the same price in Canada but beef seems to be a bit pricer. These steaks were on special so the price wasn't too bad, we just decided to treat ourselves.

  2. Looks like a wonderful day and a very tasty supper as well. Nice campground.

    1. We have enjoyed the campground. It is in a nice rural setting and has large sites and at this time of year it isn't busy so it has been very quite.

  3. Nice to stay at a campground and recharge both sets of batteries, those in the RV and your legs after all those hikes up the rock of Gibraltar. ;c)

    1. Yes, it has been nice to relax although we were still out walking yesterday and a lot of it was uphill once again. It was good to get some laundry done and have a long more or less hot shower and some unlimited internet. :-)

  4. A nice comfy spot and a tasty dinner, life is good.

  5. We enjoyed the drive to your cozy site. Nice farm!!!

    1. We quite enjoyed this campground that is quietly tucked away. Not really a farm but there are chickens and turkeys right beside us.

  6. We had Carrefour in Mexico and then sold out to ChedRaui. They were great stores. The one in Monterrey carried a lot of French products.

    1. We never knew that Chedraui used to be Carrefour. You learn something new everyday. We quite like these stores, they have a fairly good gluten free section that is reasonably priced.


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