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Tuesday, December 22, 2015

New friends. Some with two legs, and one with four!

It's pretty easy to pass the mornings here simply doing nothing. Not nothing really...but just puttering around. Internet time, washing a few pieces of laundry, cleaning Sherman. Just hanging around the motorhome. Seems like the morning just disappears.

So we try and make an effort to do something in the afternoons. Yesterday, we went and visited some neighbors!

We had posted something on a facebook forum regarding where we are staying here at Valle de Bravo. And one of the responses was from a local guy who has an RV parked at another marina just a little ways down from where we are on this side of the lake. We had a conversation back and forth on facebook, and he said that he would be here on Monday and he invited us over for a visit.

Luis and his wife Lorena live in Mexico City. They have a 7 year old daughter, Andrea. And they have a 2005 Airstream trailer that they keep parked up here at a nice waterfront site here at Lago Avandaro.

Luis speaks very good English, as well as French and of course Spanish. Lorena seems to undertand English quite well, but isn't as comfortable speaking it. And little Andrea goes to a school in Mexico City where she learns French!

They have a nice spot on the lake.

So we sat with them for a couple of hours and had some good discussion about RV travel in Mexico and of course north of the border too. They have taken their Airstream all the way up to New Mexico in the United States.

Andrea, Lorena, and Luis. I love Andrea with her Santa Claus hat. Too funny.

They are staying here until after Christmas, and I expect we'll be seeing them again before they are gone.

Our other new friend has four legs.

One of the local dogs has been hanging around the marina. Nobody seems to own him, and he's quite skinny, has a bad leg, and has a few marks on him like he's been fighting with other dogs. Not sure. But he's a friendly guy, and plays with the other big dog here, Bruno.

So we've been feeding him some scraps, and of course making a fuss of him. Pretty sure that nobody has ever done that with him, and so he's pretty happy with us.

Woke up this morning and opened the blind....guess who spent the night??

No, we will not be adopting him. But we will enjoy each other's company while we are here.

Not sure what's on the agenda today. Maybe we'll take a kayak out this morning for an hour. And then maybe go into town. We saw the other day that one of the grocery stores had all booze on sale 20% off, but we're not sure when the sale ends. And tonight is supposed to be a posada at the church and I think we've been invited. We'll see!

We walked by the local church yesterday and it's all decorated for Christmas.

Today at

And at in Canada, it's not often that you can get a full size laptop at this price...


  1. Glad you are taking it easy and enjoying the little things in life!

    1. We are enjoying our time here and just taking things easy. We can't believe how fast a day goes by, even when we are not doing much.

  2. Always nice to relax and make new friends as well.
    Keep enjoying as I know you will, and stock up with the booze.

    1. The nice thing about RVing, is that you almost always make new friends wher ever you travel.

  3. Replies
    1. There are a really nice family and we hope to see them again before they head back to Mexico City.

      I is a pretty church and when the community has an event going on there it is full too the rafters.

  4. Kayaking, cheap booze, and church! What more could you two want? What does posada mean (I could look up but would rather ask)? What kind of Christmas Eve and Day celebrations do you expect to encounter and participate in? Have you been there during Christmas before?

    1. We never got the kayaking in, when we wanted to go we couldn't find Chago around, so that will have to wait for another day.

      I think that Kevin will be explaining that in today's post, if not maybe tomorrow's about what a posada is and some of the Mexican Christmas traditions, or at least what we have experienced. We have been in a Mexican community for Christmas and the post for that is here". Their big celebration is Christmas Eve and Christmas Day is just another day. Things may be a like different here, I guess we will find out.


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