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Monday, November 9, 2015

We've had enough of city life...

When we woke up yesterday morning, the sun was shining. We were trying to decide between a walk up the road into the hills behind the hostel, or a walk into downtown to see the cathedral. I checked google maps, and the road up into the hills only goes for 2 kms (1.3 miles) so we decided to head into the city.

Pereira is a modern looking city of about 380,000 people. Not a lot to do here in the city itself, and it's certainly not on the radar for most visitors to Colombia.

 The main cathedral was only about a 15 minute walk. Of course it was a Sunday morning so the church service would be pretty much ongoing, and sure enough it was packed with many people standing.

Parroquia Nuestra Señora del Carmen - Iglesia San José.

We found out later that the church above is not the main cathedral in town, however it is the most visited because it's more impressive than the main cathedral. As I said, it was busy so we never did get a photo of the inside.

We continued walking, and saw that they had the main road leading through the city closed off for cyclists, runners, and walkers. Nice!

They had some kind of exercise thing going on outside the cultural centre, but not many people were taking part. The sun was quite hot.

But, there were a lot of people enjoying the day along the closed off road and in the park.

Cyclists on the road, and people selling water and refreshments.

And lots of people out walking dogs! Many of them not on leashes, but we also noticed how well trained most of them were. Definitely a different dog culture than what we're used to back home, and different than most of Mexico as well.

This business had a free hydration stand set up for people...and one for dogs too! This fellow wanted to get right in that was so funny!

We ended up doing about 7.5 kms (4.7 miles). We had been overdue for a good walk, so we enjoyed that. By the time we got back it was hot and muggy though and we just wanted to get out of our sticky clothes. 

We stayed in the hostel for the rest of the afternoon. We timed our walk perfectly though because it clouded over and simply poured with rain for about an hour, then drizzled for a couple of hours more. Had a nap, and did some onward research.

It's been an okay stay at Kolibri Hostel here in Pereira, but we're unimpressed with their kitchen facilities and pots and pans. I literally threw two of the pots into the garbage! Sorry, but when something is garbage it belongs in the bin...not back on the shelf. Yes, they were that bad. Maybe they'll buy some new ones for the next visitors!

We've been in Colombia for ten nights now and we've been in a city each night. We're due for some country living! And fortunately our next stop is the small town of Salento (pop 7,000). But we have found a hostel that is a half hour walk outside of town on a converted farm. Looks really peaceful with lots of places to go hiking. We're booked in for three nights, but may stay longer if we like what we see.

And so, today is a travel day but we are only going about 40 kms (25 miles)!

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And in Canada...


  1. Now you talking country living, we are just not city people.
    Have fun !

  2. It's hard to imagine hot and muggy when it's cool and sweater time in Phoenix. Yuk with the ugly pans....I probably would have bought a pan and donated it to the facility. I like Pereira....doesn't look so closed's more open. I love that they close of streets so folks can enjoy the park and city streets to bike...they use to do that here in Phoenix at least four times a year but not anymore.

    1. I find it hard to believe that Phoenix has a sweater time! I do know that it can get pretty cool at night though.

      If your are running a business like this it should be up to the hostel to make sure that they have equipment in good shape and when it isn't then they should be replacing it not the customer.

      Quite a few cities in North, Central and South America close down streets on Sundays for walking and biking. I Know that Mexico City does this. In Ottawa where we are originally from, they have streets closed from 9am or so until 1pm during the summer time of course, and they have been doing this for as long as I can remember. We think it is a great idea, too bad Phoenix stopped it.

  3. Interesting that the country is dog friendly with water stops. I like your pictures!

    1. I think that the in the countryside it may be a little different than in the citie when it comes to dogs but yes, they seem very dog friendly and in many of the parks dogs are playing off leash and they all seem to get along. Not everyone picks up after them though. :-(

  4. Yep, let's head out - time to spend time down on the farm!!!

  5. Replies
    1. Yes, it was, we love all the different architecture that goes into many of the churches here.

  6. It is a nice looking city, but we have a very short tolerance for big cities. I have worked in enough of them to satisfy all big city needs:)

    1. Yes, the city it fine for a little while but we love the country better and all the hiking and beautiful scenery.

  7. How about a farm/work stay? I like milking cows. Cities are nice but that gets old after awhile. I wonder how many people are amazed at how people live in South America. Many people have a much different concept thinking it's all horses, Amazon, and indigenous people. It is a very diverse continent.

    1. Nope not looking for any work but staying here at an old farm turned hostel is a nice happy medium. You are very correct Chris, many people don't always look at some of these other countries as being quite modern. The only way to truly understand the way of life is to visit these different countries.

  8. Sometimes being in the city is nice, but we long for the wide open country spaces more often! Enjoy!


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