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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Not many birds, but lots of butterflies!

We came to San Agustin to visit the archaeological park here, but we heard rumors that it was to be closed on Tuesday. It's supposed to be open every day of the week, so we figured that the only way to find out for sure was to walk on over there!

The main part of the park is 3 kms (1.9 miles) from town, so if it ended up being closed at least we would get a walk out of it!

We stopped for breakfast along the way, and had ranch style eggs and hot chocolate. It came with rice as most meals here do, but this one had pasta in with the rice. We had asked for corn arepas instead of bread, but never thought to mention the gluten free thing regarding rice. Typical price of 5,000 pesos ($2.28 CAD) each.

We got to the entrance gate, and sure enough it was closed. Hmm.

Plan B. We had heard of a trail leading off to the left from the park entrance gate that supposedly went to a waterfall. We spoke to one of the security guards and he said that it would be difficult to find without a map, but he suggested that if we keep to the left at any intersections the trail would eventually lead back to town.

Ruth, on the dirt road.

We're not seeing many fancy birds, but there were quite a few butterflies and moths flying about.

We decided to take a trail off to the right just to see where it went, but it continued downhill quite a lot and we were probably going to have to come back up. So we didn't go that far. Just a couple of houses along the way, and eventually it became a footpath.

A couple of nice views of the countryside though.

Another butterfly. Couldn't get him to open his wings!

This moth was pretty....and pretty big too!

Sure enough, the trail made it's way to town of we kept to the left at any intersections. It led us pretty much right to the central plaza where we found a store selling ice cream. We were due for an ice cream...that sure went down good.

Back at the hostel, it was nap time for me. Still haven't been sleeping well, partly due to the local dogs barking most of the night, and partly due to my extremely itchy rash not being any better. After three full days of medication I wasn't seeing any improvement, and in fact it was worse. Trying not to let it affect our trip, but it is more than annoying. Changed medication yesterday afternoon to Prednisolene, and this morning I think we see a marked improvement. Hopefully that continues.

Went out for dinner and decided to splurge. We were getting tired of the typical cheap meal that seems to be an option of either chicken, pork, or beef. This time we had smoked trout! Sorry, didn't have the camera with me for a pic!

Today, we're doing a six hour jeep tour to some outlying areas! Should be lots of photos for tomorrow, including Colombia's highest waterfall!

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  1. Hope that itchy rash soon clears up for you.

  2. Beautiful butterflies....RVSue & her Canine Crew photographed some migrating butterflies near Blythe, CA. The BFs are heading to Mexico and south I believe. Can't wait to follow you into Bogota...always want to visit that place.

    1. We will hopefully be going to see all the Monarch butterflies in Mexico come the end of January or so. We have seen them before and it is really an amazing sight to see so many butterflies together in one area.

      We are also looking forward to Bogota. :-)

  3. Replies
    1. Hopefully it will so far Kevin still hasn't seen much of a change.

  4. I've heard that if you can take a bath in Epsom salt that helps a lot with itching.

    1. Not a lot of bathtubs in this part of Colombia...hard to even find a shower head or a toilet seat!

    2. Nope, not at $20 a night, but in cities, nice hotels and private homes there are lots of tubs, showers and toilet seats.

    3. Yes, of course you are correct Chris.

  5. Prednisone will help but not something you can't or should rely on. You are doing amazingly well considering the circumstances.

    1. Trust us, he is not relying on it. He has his fingers crossed but to be totally honest he isn't holding out much hope. He is doing amazingly well, it is really driving him nuts but he has lots of willpower with the not scratching, I personally am not sure how he is doing it.


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