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Saturday, April 19, 2014

Seventeen flights in two years

I found a neat website the other day. It keeps track of how many times you've been on an airplane, and gives you a map and various statistics.

I listed all of our flights in the last two years. 17 different flights and 20 different airports!

It's a pretty basic website and map though.

A total of 51,785 kms (32,106 miles) and three days and 45 minutes in the air!

Still, it's kind of a cool website www.openflights.org, and it's free to use!

Then, I did some searching and found a better website!


My Flightdiary.net profile

This one is definitely more modern. Only thing I found is that you have to input a flight number, so obviously you won't have that for past flights. So I just input n/a and the system accepts that.

So now, we have to go back in our memories and see if we can remember every flight we've been on since we met!!


  1. I misread the title as "Seventeen FIGHTS In Two Years" and thought, "only seventeen?, How do they do it?". Now I see it is "flights".

    Easy for me. Total in two years = 0. Total in fourteen years since retirement = 3. Total in the ten years before I retired = +/- 1000, 99% in small chartered aircraft and helicopters. I really do not miss waiting around airports and docks for late aircraft and/or weather. I love my motorhome! I guess we are going to have to change if we want to see the world.

  2. Oh, I need to use the flight diary to figure mine out but I didn't save the flight numbers or anything. But went to Maui last year, to Nashville and other cities in the US. I use to travel ALOT while working for the US Inspector General's office as an auditor. I criss crossed the US so many times I think I know almost every airport. I would love to visit China, Italy, Spain, France, Egypt, India, and some S. American countries. I learned about couch surfing from your blog and joined. I have to tidy up one room to use for guest/visitors. I haven't quite got a handle on all that is required but will read more about it when I get the time. Loved your travels to Africa...I really enjoyed that trip.

  3. That's kinda crazy! And you did it all on your own dime.
    I think we'd be hard pressed to have tracked the number of flights we did in the last few years. Not doing it anymore though. And really, it was mostly my wife who was in the air roughly three times a month. Once in a while I'd get to go along, or meet up with her somewhere. I knew that drive to Vienna airport almost blindfolded. I don't recommend that, by the way.

  4. I'll admit that I read it "17 fights" as well.... kinda made me wonder if I really wanted to read on ;-) ... but about the flights... is that individual flights... like sometimes it takes 3 separate flights to get us where we want to go, but it's usually all in the same day and with connections? Also, what about commuter flights? We have a weird itinerary scheduled for this Oct/Nov/Dec.... maybe I'll check this out before we embark on that adventure.

  5. And to think you lived to talk about it... :cD


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