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Where are Kevin and Ruth right now? Osgoode, Ontario, Canada. Just south of Ottawa.

And where are they going next? We leave November 1st for a six week trip to Romania and Moldova.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Fredonia, NY

Sunday April 19…11:15pm

It was only an hours drive from Erie, PA to Fredonia, NY. We found the ballpark with no problem. Temperature was about 55F (12C) and it started off sunny, but it got cloudy and cooler as the day went on.

Alex’s team lost the first game 4-7 and the second game 4-6. We did NOT see them playing at their best. They made 7 errors in the first game! Alex didn’t play in either game. He’s not getting a lot of playing time because the team is actually quite good (though you wouldn’t know it from todays performance!) and he’s a new player. Hopefully he’ll get more playing time next year.

We only got to say hi to Alex in between games, and even then it was just a quick hug. The team goes back to Plattsburgh for some home games this week, and that’s where we’re heading so we’ll get to spend more time with him then.

We were going to do a bit more driving after the games, but they didn’t finish until almost 6pm. So we found a nice free parking space right in the downtown of Fredonia. It’s even advertised that RV’s can park here overnight.

It’s supposed to be cool, rainy, and windy the next few days. We wanna go back to Mexico!

Total nights sleeping in a motorhome…539

April Fuel $535.60 CAN

April Grocery $275.35 CAN

April Overnight costs $ 46.50 CAN

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