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Thursday, February 22, 2024

Playing tourist in Da Lat, Vietnam

We hopped in a Grab taxi again on Thursday. A little further this time, as our drop off point was the Da Lat Cable Car. We had met a guy during our hike the day before who suggested this outing... the Da Lat Cable Car, followed by the Datanla Waterfall.

Cable Car rides are always fun, but we find them way overpriced in most situations. This one was not bad, at 120,000 dong ($4.95 USD, $6.60 CAD) each for the round trip ride.

But first we had to get there. Traffic on the main drag in Da Lat is crazy. One of the main reasons that we don't rent a scooter in such areas. It's honestly hard to believe that we don't see more accidents. In all of our time here in SE Asia so far, we have only seen one accident... where one scooter ran into another one.

View out the taxi front window.

I took a short video for you...

Another beautiful blue sky day.

View of Da Lat.

Ruth and Mickey Mouse.

Me in the cable car!

Nice views of the city from up here.

We were actually taking the cable car from the city, at the upper stop, so we were headed down to the lower stop.

Here we go!


Great views.

Ruth, having a look around.

Heading down.

One of the attractions at the bottom is a temple, where the grounds are decorated with a lot of flower displays.

Ussie with the flowers.

Ruth, and more flowers.

They had a big fish pond where they just happened to be feeding the fish. 
There was quite a feeding frenzy going on!

From there, we walked down to the lake. We were looking for somewhere to have lunch, and lucked out on this little cafe with a view overlooking the lake. We thought it was going to be expensive, but it turned out to be cheaper than the Indian place we ate at the day before, and really good!

Beautiful view of the lake from our lunch spot.

Just a perfect day!

Ruth had a wonderful and huge smoked salmon salad.

And I had a Vietnamese style club sandwich.
I haven't had a club sandwich in years!

Another view of the lake.

From there, we walked about 2 kms to where they have an alpine coaster tourist attraction that leads down to a system of waterfalls. The whole area has a bunch of different outdoor activities... ziplines, tree rope climbs, etc.

We walked through the forest, and came across this beautiful Great Mormon butterfly.
I was able to get quite close to it.

Here we are at the outdoor activity center.

They have two different Alpine coasters that will take you to the bottom. But while they look like fun, they're not free! And, we needed the exercise, so we took the walking route down. You still have to pay for entrance, but it's a reasonable 50,000 dong ($2.05 USD, $2.75 CAD) per person.

Decorations along the way.

At the first waterfall.

Ruth, and King Kong!
It's all a little bit touristy, but it's really well done.

More waterfalls.



Another waterfall.

And another!

A frog playing a saxaphone.

Ruth, and yet another waterfall.

Looking downriver.

We had gone down a lot of steps to get to the lowest waterfall. And of course using the walking route means you have to go up all of those stairs as well! 

Back up at the first waterfall.

Back at the cable car.

They have a glass sculpture garden at the base of the cable car, but they wanted more money to go inside. We passed, but I snapped this shot from the cable car itself.

Views heading back up to the city.

We took a taxi back to the area where our guesthouse is, and went into the same little pho restaurant for dinner. Cheap and filling!

We had a great day playing tourist in Da Lat! The perfect weather helped, of course. 

Interesting expenses for the day... Including our accommodation, food, taxis, and entertainment, we spent a total of 1,239,000 dong ($51 USD, $68.50 CAD).

Today (Friday) we are moving back down to the same hotel with a nice view near the airport that we stayed at when we arrived earlier in the week. We have an early flight to Vinh Saturday morning.

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    1. It was quite pretty for sure, we really enjoyed the walk down to the different sets of waterfalls.


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