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Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Not many RVs here at the beach

Not a very exciting Christmas Day here at the beach. Despite the morning sunshine it wasn't very warm outside and the wind continued throughout the day. It was 11:00am before we decided it was warm enough to go out for a walk.

We did about 2.5 miles (4 kms) along Magnolia Beach. It's a public park, and there is a washroom building with 4 showers. One of them was unlocked, and it looked usable enough.

Here are some pics from our walk...

Not many RVs parked on the beach.

We expected there to be more RVs here. But they say it doesn't start to get busier here until after Christmas.

Private piers ruined by the hurricane.

No idea why they build these piers knowing they're going to get wrecked every five years or so.

Nice spot with the birds.

 Picnic shelters.

Sherman, off in the distance.

On the way back, we stopped by Lorne and Sue's to say Merry Christmas and chatted for a half an hour or so. Turns out that Santa brought Sue a shiny new bicycle!

Sue's new bike!

Made it back home and had some lunch, and then after lunch wandered down to test out that shower stall. Surprisingly, lots of hot water and decent pressure. Felt good to have an unlimited supply of hot water in the shower!

Then, we spent what felt like a couple of hours online trying to find a new duvet cover and sheets. Found something we liked at Pottery Barn, but couldn't get their system to accept our Canadian billing address. Almost tried to contact them, but got so frustrated that I decided if they can't make it easy, they don't deserve the business.

Amazon won out in the end, and we're having the stuff delivered to the RV Resort where we meet up with the Mexico group on January 5th.

When we cooked up that turkey a couple of weeks ago, Ruth had put some in the freezer and saved it for Christmas Day dinner...

Christmas Dinner!

A sprinkle of showers overnight, and we woke up to a grey miserable day. The forecast says it's going to be like that here for the next week, so we're moving on today. Looks like the best weather is right up against the Mexico border, so we've decided to get there a little quicker than we would have otherwise.

Unless we see something worthwhile along the way, we should make it to Lake Corpus Christi State Park.

Long range wireless router on sale...

Fantastic Boxing Day specials at Amazon Canada...


  1. Winnebagos and Airstreams, all headed north in a line
    Friends and relations on coastal vacations, I sure hope they had a good time
    It's the end of the season, it's a pretty good reason for me to be headed down south

    "My Kind of Day on Padre," by Larry Joe Taylor

    1. Yep, sounds to me like you need to head south if you are still up north! Not a good place to spend winter. ;-)

  2. Wow you sure have the place to yourselves. We are in Navarre, FL and the campground is nearly full.

    1. Well not totally but we do think it is pretty quiet here, especially when you are by the ocean and it's free! That is one of the many reasons that we don't go to Florida, it is just too busy for us.

  3. Glad you Safely Enjoyed the Christmas Holiday.
    Looking forward to future travels and adventures.

    It's about time.

    1. Thank you, we had a wonderful Christmas and are now looking forward to our travels through Mexico at the start of the new year. :-)

      Hope you had a very Merry Christmas too!

  4. kevin & ruth,where are you going in Mexico? We are on La Ropa beach for the past 12 years . Whats your route south and how far are you going?You and Kevin dry camped just up the road from the beach, missed you then maybe we can connect in the future? Great job in TEXAS not our fave state ....Luego

    1. We are leading a caravan tour through Mexico so we are going to be covering a fair bit of Mexico but unfortunately they don't have our route going to Zihuatanejo. This is pretty much what our route will look like www.travelwithkevinandruth.com/2017/08/our-route-in-mexico-this-winter.html. Not looking like our paths will cross unless you think you may be in one of the locations on our route while we happen to be there. If so just let us know. We love to meet up with our readers.

      Can't say Texas is our favourite state either but if you look for it there is a lot to see. We are enjoying ourselves. :-)

  5. I´m with you. If it takes me so much time and run around, forget it. I´ll just buy it somewhere else. Great views of the beach.

    1. Yep, stores shouldn't make things a hassle if they want your business!

  6. I agree about the address issue. It's a pain. Looks like a nice spot but the wind would be a factor for me. I grew up close to the water, always wind, pretty much every day. Water always makes the temps colder or seems to anyway. Dinner looked wonderful. No excitement isn't a bad thing in my humble opinion. Safe travels as you journey on toward Mexico.

    1. We can't understand why they have to make having a "foreign" credit card such an issue when buying something on line. We don't have this issue in a store!

      Yep, it was a nice spot but not somewhere that we would want to spend a lot of time. We really aren't "beach" people so a few days is good but that is usually enough for us and then it is time to move on.

      We are looking forward to getting into Mexico too and to some warmer weather! :-)

  7. Merry Christmas! Hope you have a grand time in Mexico!

    1. Thank you! I hope you both had a wonderful Christmas too.

      We are so looking forward to Mexico. Not long now! :-)

  8. We had the same problem on two occasions with our Visa with Cdn address.I tried to buy a Ball bat and a part for my RV. The companies just said it would not go thru.

    1. It's so very frustrating when that happens!


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