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Saturday, September 6, 2008

A canoe trip

Saturday September 6…10:30am

Ruth has been busy helping to look after her Mom, and doing some cleaning in her parents home. I’ve been busy looking after our own home, Sherman.

I installed 160 watts of solar power (2 -80w panels) on the roof this past week. One of the problems we had last winter in Mexico was that we were staying parked in one spot for up to a week at a time and with no way to keep the batteries charged we were having to run the generator quite a few times in order to try and keep the batteries charged. Now, we are totally self sufficient, providing we get enough sunny days.

I also installed 8 platinum spark plugs. These are proven to increase gas mileage by 2%, so if you figure that we spend $6,000 a year on gas, then the $75 cost of the spark plugs will pay for themselves in about 3 months. And I installed a new alternator belt. With the engine being where it is, some things are easier to get at, and other things are not. A simple alternator belt to change, but not that easy to get at!

And, I’ve been polishing and waxing the exterior all by hand. It’s time consuming and hard work, but once I’m done it will be easier to upkeep.

Our highlight of the past week was a half day canoe trip down the (Canadian) Mississippi River. We borrowed a canoe from Ruth’s parents neighbour and drove it up to Pakenham. We then paddled about 12 km’s back to Galetta.

Kevin canoeing

Ruth canoeing

Calm as can be...

Highway 417 bridge over the Mississippi River

Total Nights Sleeping in the RV…319

September Fuel $ 0 (Sherman) $ 0 (Car)

September Grocery $ 0

September Overnight Costs $ 0

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