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Sunday, February 14, 2016

San Juan del Lago RV Park

I wanted to do a separate blog post for this RV Park that we stayed at for four nights from February 9th to the 12th, 2016.

There has never been a decent place for RV's to stay while they are in the area of Morelia, Michoacan. So a few years ago, Arturo Berrera decided to build one. Arturo had spent much of his life living and working in southern California, and was also an avid RV'er in his younger days.

So he knew what RVers needed and wanted and he built this park to American standards.

Every site has 15 and 30 amp receptacles, water, and sewer.

And he even has five sites that have 50 amp receptacles that include true 50 amp service...a rare find in Mexico!

The park's physical location is at GPS 19.903176, -101.122570, right beside the Guadalajara to Mexico City toll highway. But you cannot access the park from the main highway!

When he began building the park, there was access to the property from the main highway. But when they expanded the highway during his construction of the park, a problem came up. His access was cut off and the government wanted an unrealistic amount of money to re-open the access.

So Arturo went to plan B, and designed a route to the park that went through the nearby town of San Juan. It's a difficult route, but any size of RV can make it. We just finished bringing an RV caravan up there that included all varieties of rigs.

Beautiful views from San Juan del Lago RV Resort.

All sites are 30' x 60', with another 30' between you and your neighbor. 

I've never been to a park with such widely separated sites. Lots of room and privacy. Sherman likes his space, so this was perfect for us!

And, it was refreshing to find fast, free wifi...I think we got a little spoiled there with our wifi access! Now, he admits that it works best within 100 meters of the antenna, so better to take one of the sites closest to the clubhouse building if you can. 

Or, of course you could simply bring your laptop up to the clubhouse where there is loads of seating, lots of electrical outlets, and a beautiful view of the lake.

The clubhouse at San Juan del Lago RV Park.

Pricing is reasonable, at 250 pesos ($20 CAD, or $14 USD) per night, electricity included. Or, 6,000 pesos ($480 CAD, or $325 USD) per month.

But even better, he has a special promo on for new customers. One week free, no strings attached. Just so you can get a feel for the area, and hopefully you'll enjoy yourself so much that you will return in future years.

Nice seating overlooking the lake.

Or, relax in a hammock.

Fantastic table for group dinners!

One of the best things about San Juan del Lago RV Resort is Arturo himself. This guy will bend over backwards to make your stay a good one. 

For example...when we arrived, we tested the electricity. Now, electricity voltage in Mexico is typically higher than the normal 110 to 120 volts that we have in Canada and the United States. Usually, we find the voltage in Mexico to be between 125 and 135 volts.

But most RV appliances have a maximum recommended voltage of 132 volts. 

The voltage we tested was slightly higher than that, and when I mentioned it to Arturo, he got right on the phone to an electrical engineer, and that afternoon the voltage to the park was re-set to 127 volts. Great service!

Arturo also knows a lot about the area, and is happy to set up any tours or give advice for things to do in the area. We could easily spend a couple of weeks exploring here.

We had a great stay, and we will be back!

One have to  contact Arturo ahead of time to stay at this park. Because of the route, he will have to guide you through town. It's a little tight in spots, and there is a fairly steep (but short) hill that you have to climb, but it's accessible by any size rig.

Once you have contacted Arturo, he will meet you at GPS 19.920083, -101.143513 where there is lots of room to park your rig at the side of the road. Then, you can follow him through town and up to the RV Park.

Phone from USA to Mexico 011 52 1 443 228 3839

You can email Arturo at

San Juan del Lago RV Resort.


  1. Really nice RV park. One week what a deal.

    1. It is a deal! Arturo has worked hard on this park and he is thinking long term. It is a bit hard getting into but well worth it.

  2. Looks like a wonderful park with good hookups too.

    1. It is a wonderful park and it is improving all the time. The WiFi was great as was the water and the electric, which is more than we can say about some of the parks in Canada or the U.S.

  3. I first met Arturo 5 or 6 years ago as he was starting ocnstruction on this park. At thta tiem hwy access was already cut off and I had serious doubts he woudl be able to make it viable. At that tiem the other access road was also full of low trees. He put me up at a nearby baleanario and drove me all around in his pickup. A very driven & intense man. I have now bought 3 caravans into there including the one Kevin is leading. One French Canadian company tried it, & gave up, but I will contact the owner and mention the improvements. Arturo has doubled the width of the access road, allowing a bit more of a run at the 2 short steep sections. He is also looking at another less steep alternative through somebody elses land. The park has a lot of potential, it has potable water and hot springs on it that could be directed into a pool if he had the business to justify it. We intend to keep using it for at least 2 caravans a year, maybe a 3rd if we start a Yucatan route in 2018 as it woudl also be conveniently located for that. bTW you can contact Arturo via Skype. He is Pancho Pantera.

    1. As Kevin mentioned, it takes a bit of effort to get into it but it is worth that effort.

      Arturo believes he can make a go of it and really wants to help the local economy and put this area on the map as a must see destination and there really is lots to see and do. If he puts in a thermal pool or two that will even help him more. We will certainly be back in the future.

  4. Hi Kevin and Ruth. I have been enjoying your blog for several months, beginning right before your trip to Columbia. You never mention military checkpoints. When we took a caravan trip to Baja, there were numerous military checkpoints and they always came inside our vehicles to look around. Just wondering....

    1. I don't think we have even had a military checkpoint this winter. I know that we have been waved through a number of Federal and State Police checkpoints but never stopped or boarded this winter.

  5. What a gem. Arturo sure works hard to overcome the obstacles to his success.

    It is obvious he cares A LOT for his customers. He has done some things I have not seen done before (services cabinets) and the spacing... Have not seen that in private parks.

    I hope he makes it... He deserves to. Good post.

    1. The park really is a gem and lots of thought went into it so that the customer has all the amenities and lots of space.

      Arturo will bend over backwards to make sure that his customers have a great time at his park and in the area.

      We really hope that the park makes it too and we are trying to do our part by getting the word out there for him.

  6. Looking at it from the air, the ridiculous access issue looks so easy to solve: simply develop a dirt road route that bypasses that town. Of course, much easier said than done...

    1. Totally agree with you Doug but it is easier said than done! Arturo is wanting to make another road to access the park from the other end of the park that will have a more gradual incline but it would have to go through someone else's land and then you would still have to go through the little town itself. He is hoping that if he gets more business to his park and more money being spent in the area that the local government will see the value and at that point help to put in a road around the village that would improve the access even more to his park.

  7. Looks amazing! Still in business? Looking for Feb 2019??

    1. It is very nice but not easy to get to! Also you have to be prepared to have a site that may have horse poop on it and the owner is now requesting that you don't use your AC even though the price is now 400 pesos a night. He is also requesting a 5 night minimum but that might be waived if you are going in as a single unit. This was conveyed to us only a few days ago.


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