Lots of RVs at the free camping aire in La Cala de Mijas, just west of Malaga, Spain. January 17, 2017.
Where are Kevin and Ruth right now? La Cala de Mijas, Spain.

Where are they going next? Don't know yet. We're taking it one day at a time!

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Back in Mexico

No time to do a proper update, just letting you know we're safe and sound in Mexico. Taking the bus back to Hacienda Contreras (or possibly several buses!). Will post again later this afternoon.


  1. glad you are back home safe and sound. Truly LOVE the new header photo of the two of you in Red Rocks

  2. Nice to hear you are back home, now to relax for a few minutes and catch up.

  3. glad you made it back safely!!!..soon you will be together again with Sherman!

  4. I'm sure you'll need a bit of a rest! Glad you are back safe!

  5. I bet Sherman was sure glad to see you guys. I finally was able to catch up on your trip to Las Vegas. I've never tried the Fiesta buffet so that is going on my list for when we go in May.


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